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Does 0.7 + 1.4 === 2.1 is false in programming??

In programming languages, does 0.7 + 1.4 equal to 2.1?

For most people, you probably would answer this question just like a normal math calculation. The 0.7 + 1.4 will be 2.1, just as simple as that. But wait… Let’s try it out!

Now we open the chrome browser and try it out with JavaScript developer console.


Hmm… Okay… round it up will be equal to 2.1 …

Python 3.6

Python 3.6.1

It seems like python 3.6 result is same with JavaScript as well.
Michael: Okay… but it can’t say 0.7 + 1.4 is not 2.1 right?
Jorcus: Let’s check it out in the JavaScript developer console!


You see that 0.7 + 1.4 is not equal to 2.1. It’s basically it has discussed a question in the past. Just like a question of “Why 0.1 + 0.2 !== 0.3?”.

This is a kind of tricky questions if you didn’t aware that the floating-point numbers can be a problem sometimes when you debug. This is because most of the programming languages can’t represent the floating-point numbers accurately. So that, if you are calculating the numbers in floating-point, you should be careful because it may not get the result as you expected.

There is a great table for all the floating decimal points in almost all programming languages! Check this out Also, I would recommend check a useful tools to check the exact value of a floating-point value from

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