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How To Avoid Writing Spaghetti Code?

When I was just starting to learn to program, I didn’t know it’s important to write a good quality code. I thought it’s everything will be good if it’s works without causing an error. After many years later, I start realize it’s important to avoid writing spaghetti code. So, what is spaghetti code?

What is Spaghetti Code?

I consider the spaghetti code as a bad code, it commonly written without following the project rules and requirements. Spaghetti code usually appears disorganized, it will add difficulties when you want to maintain your system. The worst case may cause the code impossible to read. You may find it very unstructured and difficult-to-maintain, you may also find that it’s very difficult to find the related code that you are working on. At the end, you spend a whole day to fix a simple problem because those codes are very messy without following the project requirement, style guide and standard rules.

Why Spaghetti Code Happened?

  • Inexperience programmers
  • No follow the project requirements
  • Didn’t have clue how to write better code
  • Ineffective code reviews.
  • No design prior to implementation.

How To Avoid Writing Spaghetti Code?

  • Plan before you code, be sure it’s structured,
  • Avoid writing unreadable code
  • Follow a consistence format when writing code
  • Follow style guide
  • Leave a code comment when it necessary
  • Keep things simple
  • Don’t write function that trying to do everything, split it to a few small functions.

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