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Best FREE Resources for learning HTML and CSS

As a completely beginner for programming looking for the resources to learn web programming sometimes can be a challenge. There are too much resources out there, don’t know where to start and which resources are good and bad?

We all came across this, a great resource will help you save a ton of time on learning to program. Web programming is keep updating, the syntax and best practices may vary after a few years later. But, as a novice we don’t know what’s the best website to learn and which content is great and which doesn’t…

I’m completely understand this, so I’d like to list out a few great resources.


W3Schools is completely free of cost to learn programming, they teach code in simplest way. You learned what you have learned and implement straight with their built-in compiler

MDN Web Docs

MDN Web Docs more likely like reading a book. It’s free, and the tutorial is completely up to date! I highly recommend this resource if you want to learn the web development in depth!

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