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Best WordPress Hosting in 2020

One of The Key Component Of Running a Fast and Secure Site is Having a Fast and Secure WordPress Hosting

WP Hosting ProviderMonthly PriceRecommended For
Shared HostingBrochure Websites, Low Traffic Websites, Beginners Starting Out
CloudWays$10High Traffic Websites, Growing Websites, Heavy Tasks Websites, Ecommerce Websites

How Do I Choose the Best WordPress Hosting For Me?

If you are just about to start your own site but didn’t have any ideas, then follow this guide.

For simple and brochure type websites that handle simple tasks, we recommend you go for the Shared Hosting. It’s great for low and mid traffic websites. Since they are running on shared hosting.

If you are running more than a brochure website (eg: Ecommerce). Then Cloudways is the way to go.

Why? CloudWays is one of the best-managed cloud hosting provider for WordPress. That being said, the managed cloud hosting comes with a dedicated server power without the complexity of VPS server or dedicated server. It can handle more strenuous tasks and handling more traffics.

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