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Call To Action For Skype HTML Link


In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to add a skype call button link to your website or blog with just a simple step. Before we start, let me show you a few demo.

Demo 1: Call Me from Skype with Number
Demo 2: Call Me from Skype with Username

Skype Call Link with Phone Number

To add a skype call to action link, we will use with HTML <a> tag and set the href attribute value start with skype or callto.

<a href="skype:+1234567890?call">Call Me</a>

or you can write it this way.

<a href="callto:+1234567890?call">Call Me</a>

Skype Call Link with Username

In addition, you can call them with Skype username.

<a href="skype:username?call">Call Me With Skype</a>

Skype Message Link with Username

<a href="skype:username?userinfo">Message Me With Skype</a>

Skype Username Info Link

<a href="skype:username?userinfo">My Skype Profile</a>

Skype Call with Multiple Users

<a href="skype:username1;username2?call">Skype Call with Multiple Users</a>

Skype Chat with Multiple Users

<a href="skype:username1;username2?chat">Skype Call with Multiple Users</a>

Must Know When Using CTA Skype Link

  • If the user didn’t have a Skype account, it might not works. Make sure they already have the Skype account before you try. If still not working, try others Skype account.
  • I know you might probably test to call yourself. It might not works if you try to call yourself. To make sure everything’s correct, it’s recommend using someone else Skype account for testing purpose. Or your can create multiple account.
  • If you have both Skype and Skype for Business installed. Sometimes it you wish the button link will goes to general Skype, but it opened Skype for business. You might need to check and experiment with both callto: and skype:. In my case, the skype: will open my Skype. The callto: will open the Skype for Business.

Other Calls to Action

With the modern updates of HTML, our web browsers also support calls to action such as email, SMS, fax, etc.

  • tel: Place a phone call
  • mailto: Send email
  • callto: Open Skype
  • sms: send a text message
  • mms: Send a text message
  • fax: Send a fax

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