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How To Make Click To Call Link in HTML


As a business and website owner, we always want our customer to contact us. Did you know what your website have the capabilities to make the click to call hyperlink in your website.

Create Click-To-Call Link

To create a click to call link, the first thing you need to start with <a> tag. Then use href attribute and set the attribute value with tel:+0123-456-789.

<a href="tel:+0123-456-789">Call us at +0123-456-789</a>

The output will be Call us at +0123456789

Once you clicked on the link, it will automatically use the default call app on your mobile or it will ask you which call app you would like to use on your phone. I recommend you click on the link and test it out.

Other Calls to Action

With the modern updates of HTML, our web browsers also support calls to action such as email, SMS, fax, etc.

  • tel: Place a phone call
  • mailto: Send email
  • callto: Open Skype
  • sms: send a text message
  • mms: Send a text message
  • fax: Send a fax

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