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Why code quality is important in software development?

In the previous lesson, we’ve learned about the cost of poor code. Now, we are going to discuss the benefits of writing quality code. In general, the developers were spending more time on reading code instead of writing code, just like what we read books more than we write. So, we should train habits that write high-quality code. Writing quality code could give us many benefits likes:


Financial Losses

The high-quality code is bug-less, we reduce the risks of getting unwanted bugs that may cost our client run away.

Time Wasted

Imagine you are working on the project with over thousands of the developer. If everyone was having difficulties understanding the code, you keep receiving the email repeat that the developers don’t understand your code. Do you think how much time you are going to miss out?

Ease of modification/maintenance

The quality code can be more accessible to modify by anyone. When new members were joining the project, they can won’t get much difficulty when modifying the software.

The confidence of stakeholders

Writing quality code means that your company has excellent technical management profession in this industry. Under great technical quality control/assurance, you to build your confidence of stakeholders.

Value-Added (More quality more valued)

No one wants a product which that is unstructured. Pricing of the software can be affected by the code quality. Writing high-quality code brings value to your software. Just ask yourselves, would you pay for the source code that is unstructured? Alternatively, you’d better build it yourself?

Avoid Misunderstand

While improving the code quality, your code becomes more precise and accurate. That helps you reduce the risk of misunderstanding the intent of the code.

More Comfortable for Debugging

Since you have exception handling that tells the issue, you won’t stress out much when unwanted bugs appear. You might take a shorter time for debugging because the bugs had tracked.

Acceleration Development

The excellent quality code can speed up from short to long-term software development since it’s reusable. Thus, the developer can be valued their time for creating more creative and valuable stuff instead of wasting time on fixing the bugs and errors.

Maximize Profitability

Since you had saved a bunch of time, your cost minimized that create the opportunity to maximize your profitability and ROI.

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