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How To Create A Link That Sends an SMS Text Message


As a website owner, creating a click to text link that will helps you to increase the conversion rates on your site. To create a click to text SMS link, it’s very simple. All you need is using the <a> tag and set the attribute value with sms:.

<a href="sms:+0123456789">Send an SMS to +0123456789</a>

The output will be Send an SMS to +0123456789

Once you click the button, it will automatically open your default SMS app on your phone. If you have multiple SMS app on your phone, it will ask you to choose either of them. This method will support for most mobile phones today, I suggest you to try it out.

SMS Hyperlink with Messages

You can also set default messages that are automatically typed into the messaging app. Once they clicked on the link, they will have all the default messages in the text area. Check the demo here Send an SMS to +0123456789 with Messages.

<a href="sms:+0123456789?&body=Hello Jorcus, I'm interested in your product HTML course at">Send an SMS to +0123456789 with Messages</a>

Other Calls to Action

With the modern updates of HTML, our web browsers also support calls to action such as email, SMS, fax, etc.

  • tel: Place a phone call
  • mailto: Send email
  • callto: Open Skype
  • sms: send a text message
  • mms: Send a text message
  • fax: Send a fax

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