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9 Criteria for Choosing a Place to Stay as a Digital Nomad

In recent times, more and more people are discovering the freedom and excitement of the digital nomad lifestyle. Being a digital nomad means having the ability to work remotely, and at the same time travel and explore the world. But before choosing a place to stay as a digital nomad, it’s important to consider certain factors. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top criteria for choosing a place to stay as a digital nomad.


When choosing a location as a digital nomad, access to essential amenities is a top priority. This includes access to healthcare facilities, banks, grocery stores, and other essential services. Additionally, proximity to a major airport makes travelling more convenient.

Safety and security is also a critical factor. Digital nomads often carry expensive equipment such as laptops, cameras, and smartphones, so it’s important to ensure that the location is safe and secure. Research the location’s crime rate and speak to other digital nomads to get an idea of the security.

Climate and weather patterns also need to be considered. The right climate can greatly enhance your quality of life, but if you’re working remotely, it’s essential to ensure that the weather doesn’t interfere with your work schedule.


Cost of living is a major factor to consider. You should take into account the cost of rent, food, transportation and other living expenses. The accommodation should be affordable and providing good value for your budget. You don’t want to be in a situation where you are using too much money on accommodation, leaving you with no room to explore the local culture, foods, and tourism.

Availability of short-term leases is also important. As a digital nomad, you’ll often stay in a particular location for just a few weeks or months. It’s essential that you have the flexibility to change locations quickly to fit your travel schedule.

Quality of internet connection is also critical. As a digital nomad, you’ll rely on the internet to carry out your work. Therefore, you should ensure that the location has a reliable and fast internet connection to help you stay connected and productive.

Cultural immersion and community is also vital. A location that is rich in culture and has a vibrant community can greatly enhance your nomadic experience. It is beneficial to have a community of like-minded digital nomads and locals that can help you integrate more comfortably while providing opportunities to network and make new friends.

Work Environment

Work environment is another important factor to consider as a digital nomad. Availability of coworking spaces is important, as it can provide you with an alternative location to work out of away from your accommodation to increase your productivity.

Having a quiet and comfortable workspace that provides you with all the basic office amenities such as printers, tea/coffee stations, meeting rooms, storage facilities, and access to high-speed internet is essential. You’re more likely to be productive if you’re working in a professional, well-equipped workspace.

Accessibility to professional services such as lawyers, accountants, and IT support team is also crucial. You should have all the professional support you need to help run your business or maintain your digital career while on-the-go.

Local Regulations

It’s important to research the visa requirements and immigration laws of the country you plan to stay in as a digital nomad. Choosing a location that aligns with your visa and immigration status will prevent any legal issues while allowing you to enjoy your nomadic lifestyle.

Time Zone

If you are working for a company that operates on different time zones, it’s essential to choose a location that doesn’t put you in a situation where an important meeting coincides with inappropriate hours. When choosing location, ensure there are no huge time differences between you and your clients or office location.


When choosing a location, it’s important to consider the ease of transportation. If the location doesn’t have accessible and affordable transportation, it can greatly affect your quality of life while limiting your freedom of movement. Choose a location where transportation is easily accessible and reliable.

Natural Disasters

Research the natural disasters that are known to occur in the location you are considering. Consider the possibility of hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Choosing a location that is prone to natural disasters can disrupt your work and travel plans.

Environmental Impact

It’s essential to choose a location that aligns with your environmental values. Living in a sustainable environment in a location with green spaces can offer a healthier lifestyle. Choose a location that aligns with your ecological beliefs and provides easy access to recycling facilities and green spaces.

Personal factors

Personal preference is a unique factor to consider in choosing the right place to stay as a digital nomad. Maybe you prefer to stay within the country where the language is familiar to you, or you’re adventurous and ready to immerse yourself in a whole new culture with unfamiliar languages and customs.

Language barriers can also influence your choice. If you don’t speak the local language, it’s important to find a location where English is a common language, or some place you can learn the local language for effective communication.

Cultural differences can also be a significant factor. Some cultures may have certain dress codes or customs that you’re not comfortable with. It’s important to consider how you feel in that particular culture and whether you’re willing to adapt to different cultural customs and norms.

Lastly, health and wellness should be considered as you choose the perfect location as a digital nomad. Consider access to quality healthcare and wellness services that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the go.


Travelling as a digital nomad is exciting, but it requires prior planning to ensure that you are not overwhelmed by unknown challenges that can affect your lifestyle and work. To succeed as a digital nomad, you need to choose a location that aligns with your goals and gives you peace of mind when it comes to safety, accessibility, and other personal criteria.

Having a comfortable space to work, interact with people around you, learn new things, and explore the local culture is essential to achieve a balanced lifestyle. Additionally, your work environment should provide sufficient support and resources to enable you to have a seamless transition in your work-life and maintain productivity.

In summary, we encourage digital nomads to carefully review the location, accommodation, work environment, personal factors, and other relevant criteria before making a final decision. Remember, the right location should enhance your nomadic experience and make it easier to focus on your personal and professional goals. With proper research and due diligence, you can indeed find a location that checks all the boxes and makes your digital nomad experience more fulfilling.

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