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Difference Between Digital Nomad and Location Independent

Despite being fairly similar, there are some key differences between digital nomads and location independent individuals. For example, while location independent individuals tend to be highly mobile, digital nomads tend to have a more permanent lifestyle.

What Is Digital Nomad

If you are a digital nomad and you move around a lot, you will definitely need a laptop to keep your business running and your communications going. But if you travel with a mobile device and do not rely on the network, the laptop will be the least of your problems.

Digital Nomad has always been pretty vague. While it’s not an official term, many people assume digital nomads are the same as location independent workers, or travelers who use technology like laptops, tablets, or smartphones to work remotely. However, other people argue this is an oversimplification.

A digital nomad is someone who works remotely, working remotely. That is to say, the person doesn’t work in one location for an extended period of time, but rather travels frequently between locations. This often refers to people who work from home, but it doesn’t have to be.

What Is Location Independent

Location independence describes a condition that is the opposite of location-based permanent settlement. A location independent person can still be tied to a place and still be there, but they can also leave and come back again any time they want to.

Is Location Independence The Same Thing As Digital Nomads

The answer is yes and no. The two terms are often used interchangeably, but they are not identical. Digital nomad is the term used to describe those who live and work in places other than their home country, while location independent is defined as someone who can live and work anywhere.

Difference Between Digital Nomad And Location Independent

Digital nomads are often on the move permanently, renting an apartment in a new city or country or renting a house in a new state or country. Location independent individuals on the other hand are not always on the move. They can live in one place for a while, after which they move on to another place.

A digital nomad travels around the world, but can reside outside of his home country. A location independent author is someone who chooses to live in the place of their choice, but they work on their own terms, i.e. they can live anywhere they wish. Location independent people are earning their income online, but they don’t make the travel as their lifestyle. However, digital nomads are focus on travel and work this is the thing that makes both of them are difference.

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