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Digital Nomad Packing List

We all have a basic idea of what a digital nomad is. They’re traveling the world, working remotely, and living a life of minimalism. Even though I am a digital nomad, I don’t always travel the world, and I am not always working. I travel for work, but that doesn’t mean I am always working. I am a digital nomad because I am a digital nomad.

We’ve all been there: you’re heading off on a trip with a backpack full of clothes and electronics, and you don’t know what’s going to happen when you get there. You may be travelling for a short time with friends, or you may be taking a long trip by yourself or with your partner. Either way, you’re going to be away from your home and family and need to take everything you need with you.

As you know, the digital nomad lifestyle is full of random experiences which might range from awesome to bizarre. However, even if you have been a digital nomad for a while, you may keep wondering what you actually need to pack in order to feel comfortable. It’s a common feeling among digital nomads, and they usually have a lot of questions about their upcoming trips. So, what does a digital nomad packing list look like? And how can you organize your things so you won’t have a hard time when you travel the world?

To help you pack your digital nomad gear easier, I’ve listed all the gear you might need to pack into your bag as a digital nomad. Some of them might not required for you, you can just ignore it but most of them are essential for most digital nomads.


This is the most important and most essential things you need to have when you are traveling aboard. You should always double check before you move.


Passport is the most important document for digital nomad. When traveling to another country, it usually requires the passport to be valid for at least six months after the planned date of return. Make sure you have a minimum 6 months validity before you move. If you not, you need to renew your passport. Don’t forget to print out some paper copy and store digital copy on your device.

Government Issue Identification

It’s also recommend you to bring your government issued identification ID Card or a Driver License if neccessary.

Debit/Credit Card

Before you travel, make sure you have give a call to your bank to activate oversea payment. So, you can use your debit/credit card in other country.


Make sure you’ve check the visa requirement before you travel. Some country required visa for some people, please seek for professional advice for your specific needs if necessary.

Travel Insurances

Travel Insurances is not required, but it’s highly recommend you to get one. So you can peace of mind when travel to other country.

Vaccine Certificate

Vaccine is necessary for entry in some country. Make sure you check the vaccine requirement before you enter the country.

Electronic Gear

As a digital nomad, electronic gear is the most important things for you. If you forgot to bring your electronic device, it can be a nightmare, especially if you forgot to bring your laptop with you.


Most electronic devices have their own charger, make sure you bring all the charges with you including the laptop, mobile phone and camera.

Laptop Case

Some people bring laptop sleeve and some use laptop case to protect their laptop. Bring whatever you need to protect your laptop.


Headphones are important for some people. You might work in a place that is super noisy and you need to watch and listen the meeting with your colleague.

USB Adapter

If you have a camera or an electronic device that needs specific USB adapter to connect your laptop. You might need to bring one with you if necessary.

External Mouse

Laptop touchpad isn’t very good for work. If you need to work with your laptop, you might need to bring an external mouse with you. So that you can maximize your productivity.


If you like to read books on the plane or train. Then you might consider bring your kindle device with you.

Power Adapter

Each country have their own power system. You need power adapter to connect your electronic device to the electronic outlet.

Portable Power Bank

Finding an electrical outlet to charge your phone can be a challenge sometimes. If you have a portable power bank, then this might save you from nightmare.


For most people, a good smart phone camera is good enough. But if you want to take professional photos for yourself, you can bring your own camera with you.

Smart Phone

Smart phone is the most important thing to have, it’s allow you to receive SMS for the banking system. Or use it to Google whatever you want to search.

Premium VPN

Free Wi-Fi at the airport or coffee-shop can be very unsecure. If you want to protect yourself from hacker, you might need to use VPN to connect a public Wi-Fi.


Almost all the digital nomad needs to use laptop to perform their job. A good laptop for digital nomad is lightweight and good battery life.

Laptop Stand

If you encounter back pain or neck pain, you might need a laptop stand to increase the height of the laptop to work.


Clothing can be tricky sometimes, some place are very cold and some are super hot. You need to prepare the clothes that suit the weather of the place you plan to travel.

Anti-Theft Bag

As a digital nomad, you constantly travel from place to place. It’s very hard to always keep alert to your belongings. To avoid unwanted things happen, it’s good to use anti-theft bag.

Anti-Theft Wallet

Do you know that there are people who abuse RFID technology to steal people’s money. If you have a credit card with RFID enabled, your money might in risk. It’s good to use anti-theft wallet that can block RFID blocking wallet to protect your money.

Windproof Travel Umbrellas

A quality travel umbrellas is important for digital nomads. When you have a windproof travel umbrella with you, you will have less worry about rainy days.


For T-shirt, I recommend you bring at least 3 to 5 T-shirt with you. The T-Shirt don’t necessary to be very expensive, but it’s good if it can fit for most environment.


Don’t forget to bring your underwear. If you want to wear something even better than a simple underwear, buy one with hidden pocket to put your money inside.


This is not necessary for men, but might necessary for women.

Long Sleeve Shirt

Bring about one or two long sleeve shirt in case of the cold weather.

Swim Wear

If you plan to go to a place like Bali, you might need to bring your swim wear too.

Sun Glass

Going to beach? Don’t forget to bring a sun glass to protect your eyes!

Formal Outfit

Want to eat at a fancy restaurant and take photos or want to join some formal events? Maybe, you need a formal outfit.

Thin Gloves

Most of the time, we don’t use gloves. But, you might need it. You can bring a thin glove that is super lightweight.

Waterproof Backpack Cover

As a digital nomad, you might bring your bag with you all the time. But, what happened if it’s raining outside. You need to protect your laptop with a waterproof backpack cover.


If you are travelling alone or you like to take photos. You might need a tripod.


For me, toiletries are optional. It’s not necessary to bring especially if didn’t want to pay any extra baggage. This is because it’s usually cheap and you can buy it from any supermarket at very low cost.

Quick-Dry Towel

If you want to save your money from renting one. Bring one quick-dry towel with you or you can buy one at supermarket after you check in.

Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and Floss

Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and Floss is required for everyone. But sometime your hotel is provided to you


This is a super lightweight item, if you need it you can put inside luggage.


If you have health issue, please visit the doctor before you travel and ask whether or not you can travel. Maybe you might need to bring medicine with you.

Skin Care

All kinds of skin care products, such as facial wash, sunscreen, lotion and more.


Here are some other things you might need to bring with you if you are traveling as a digital nomad.

Collapsible Water Bottle

A collapsible water bottle can save your space when you there are beverages around your area. But if you are going to sit on a bus for long hours, you can fill it up.

Notebook & Pens

You can also bring a notebook and pens with you in case you need. Sometimes, we might need a pen with us to fill the arrival card.


If you want to protect your belongings, it’s highly recommend you bring your own padlock.


Sometimes, your hostel can get very noisy. Earplugs can save you from nightmare.

International Sim Card

If you travel to a lot of country, you might need an international sim card that allows you to surf internet. But those international sim cards are often not cheap.

Digital Nomad Packing Tips

I think most of the things you need to bring as a digital nomad are all sorted out. Now, I have a few tips for you.

  1. Pack What You Need, Not What You Think You Might Need
  2. Wear it on the plane if you can
  3. Get a multi-use tools to save the space if you can
  4. Be minimalist if you can
  5. Don’t Pack Too Much Stuffs
  6. Don’t Take A Lot Of Cash
  7. Don’t bring flashy or expensive stuffs
  8. Don’t bring heavy things that can replace by computer or smart phone. For example, a book.

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