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8 Employee Benefits Remote Workers Really Want

Technology is transforming the way we do business, and nowhere is this more true than in the modern, on-demand marketplace. Remote work allows employees to work independently from their employers at different locations and time zones. Many companies are now shifting their focus from office-first to remote-first.

As more companies allow their employees to work from home, the benefits get better and better. Companies that implement telecommuting programs find their employees become more productive, less stressed, and are less likely to take sick days. In this article, we are going to talk about the most sought-after benefits remote workers are looking for.

A portable Wi-Fi device

Remote workers want portable Wi-Fi devices so they can work anywhere. Remote workers are individuals who are not physically present in an office. These workers usually telecommute. They work from home or other locations other than the office. Remote workers often need portable Wi-Fi devices so they can work anywhere. Wi-Fi devices can be very expensive, so a portable Wi-Fi device is an alternative.

Remote work equipment

Remote employees require specialized remote work equipment designed to enhance collaboration and connectivity. The equipment enables remote workers to be productive from anywhere, thereby increasing their productivity and the bottom line. Remote employees need reliable, dependable tools that pass physical and IT security standards.

A monthly stipend

Remote employees need a monthly stipend. The amount depends on the remote employee’s location, cost of living, and specific work we carry out. For instance, some remote employees may need to purchase supplies to complete their job, such as software or equipment. For those remote employees, a $1,500 stipend may be sufficient to meet their needs.

Employee discount

Remote employees are often asked to work overtime. But sitting in your pajamas while hunched over your laptop isn’t always the best approach. During your breaks, consider taking a walk outside or reading a book. You can also take advantage of perks like employee discount. Employee discount is a perk offered by many employers to reward remote employees for being away from work. Some employers even offer online discounts. Perhaps you’d like to buy a copy of the latest best seller from Amazon, or book a flight to Hawaii for your next vacation?

Free healthcare

Remote workers need health insurance, too. Many employers offer their full-time employees health insurance. But even though you’re working off-site, that’s not an excuse to not buy health insurance. Research indicates that employees who are provided health insurance are more productive. So, why doesn’t your employer provide health insurance?

Gym Membership

Working from home has its perks. You don’t need to commute and work whenever you want. But working from home has its disadvantages. Working from home does not let you socialize with people. You miss a lot of opportunities which a regular office job would offer you. You need to go out for recreation or just to get some fresh air. This is the reason employers should offer free gym memberships as an incentive for their remote employers,

Professional Development

Just like the traditional employees, remote employees also need professional development. In fact, remote employees require professional development a bit more than those who work in the office. Remote employees need training to have skills they can use both at the workplace and home. Remote employees need training to help them know which technology to use and how to use it. Remote employees need training to help them balance life and work.

Flexible Work Schedule

Remote employees are just like employees living in the same place. Therefore, remote employees need flexible work schedules. Working from home does not mean they are free to work anytime they want. They still need time to rest and do other things.

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