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Front End Challenges


There are many ways to get your front end skills level up. One of my favorite ways is joining challenges or building websites.

Most of the time, we joining the challenges is to test and practices our skills. Some might want to get their skills into another level.

If you can doing it while making another source of income, that it would be the best. If you didn’t, it’s not a big deal too. Took the chance to enhance your skills and get yourself for more opportunity in future.

Build Projects

One of the greatest and best front end challenge that I would recommend is building projects. It’s not only able to help you build your portfolios, it’s also able to help you get your skills into another level.

It’s not only able to help you build your portfolios, it’s also able to help you get your skills into another level.

To get your skills into another level, It’s highly recommend you try out the advance level projects that going to challenge your skills into the max.

Frontend Mentor

Frontend Mentor is a website that giving people improving their skills by solving HTML, CSS and JavaScript challenges and building projects. Some of them are Free and some not.

CodePen Challenges

CodePen Challenges is one of the most popular website that allow you to build things. They run weekly challenge that comes along with ideas and resources for building things you like.


Codier is a website that you can start and join the front end challenges. You can also see some other challengers work.


CodeCombat is a fun and interactive website that you can learn and practices your JavaScript skills through the coding game.


CodeWars is a website that you can improve your skills with the real code challenges.


HackerRank is all about practices your skills for getting a job.

Ace Front End

Ace Front End is a website that help you to ace your web developer interview by practicing the fundamental HTML/CSS/JavaScript with their coding challenges.


Coderbyte is a website that you can use for interview preparation and start front end challenges to prepare you for the job.

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