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Front End vs Back End vs Full Stack Developer

No matter you are using a desktop, a tablet or even a mobile phone, whenever you open to the web browser and entering the website address, it’s fetch the data from the server to your web browser. Then, the browser will visualize all the data and information for you.

It looks cool, right?

I know that you might be a wonder of how is that works, how it can be done and who are the guy that dealing with these stuffs.

According to the statistic, there are 1.8 million total number of websites on September 2020.

The web developer technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript are still one of the most popular over the world. Although web technologies are developed for over 20 years., It still required web developers to build, developer and maintain all the websites.

What is a Front End Developer

Front End Developer often deal with client-side and browser-side development by build the website with HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies that the visitors can see and interact it. When surfing a website, everything you see from the browser is the work that front end developer produced. It can be a menu, sliders, or anything you see from the web browser when you are visiting the site.

Front end developer is the guy who deals with HTML, CSS and JavaScript every single. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are essential skills that all the front end developers need to have. They are responsible to build the site that is user friendly. The front-end development technologies can be deprecated, to make sure the website is always keep the technologies up to date. The front end developer need to keep learning and maintaining their skills.

Front end developer isn’t a Web Designer

Although front end developer build website and deal with the visualization part of the website, but front end developer isn’t a web designer. Many misunderstood that front end developer is a web designer, but it isn’t. However, front end developer often collaborate with web designer to produce the best UI/UX to the users.

The front end developer is a programmer or a coder that deals with programming technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. However, web designer is dealing with graphics technologies like Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketch which is designing how the website look without coding knowledge. Web designer is not the one who code, they often deal with a graphic design of the site by building the website layout using drag-and-drop tools.

Then, the front end developer will turn work from the web designer into the production code and make sure the code is working correctly across all the devices.

What is a Back End Developer

Unlike front end developer that focus on client-side development like how the visitor look and the interaction of the website. However, not all the website want to visible all their data to the public. That’s why the back end developer comes it.

The back end developer is dealing with server-side development to make sure the website data are correctly store into the database safety. Backend developer is responsible to make sure the web application, server and database communication with each other. They built the server architecture that is most fit to their web application and to make sure it’s scalable. Sometimes they also need to be take care security and backup the website data.  When any server-side issue happened, contact to the back end develops and they will fix it.

Backend developer use server side programming language like Python, PHP, Java, Ruby, .Net or Perl to build the website application and store it into the database server like MySQL, SQL or Oracle server.  Backend developer is considered a database admin.

The back end developer often deals with server-side development of the website.

What is a Full Stack Developer

Full stack developers are Jack of all trades that deal with both client-side and server-side development. It’s a combination of both front end and back end development.  It means that the full stack developer is the guy who is capable to build the website from A to Z from the front end to back end with a single developer.

Sometimes, the startup company is having very limited of fund. They can’t afford to hire both front end developer and back end developer. To reduce cost, they have to hire the one Full stack developer that deal with everything of their website. The full stack developer is a generalist while front end developer and back end developer are more likely a specialist.

No matter you are planning to be a generalist or a specialist, they are always having a good market for the job. It’s best to check the job requirement of the area that you are planning to work.

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