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10 Fun Wellness Ideas for Remote Workers

With the global pandemic forcing many companies and employees to work from home, remote working has become the new normal. While the flexibility and convenience of working from home have its advantages, it also poses unique challenges for maintaining employee wellness.

Remote workers often have to juggle work-life balance while cooped up at home, which can lead to desk-bound work and a sedentary lifestyle. This can negatively affect mental and physical health, as well as productivity. To counterbalance the negative effects of remote work, it’s essential to prioritize employee wellness.

One of the key ways to do this is by incorporating fun wellness ideas into the remote work routine. These ideas can help remote workers remain energized, focused, and healthy, while also boosting morale and teamwork.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into some fun wellness ideas for remote workers. From virtual group exercises to outdoor activities, we’ll cover the gamut of activities that will help remote workers stay active, engaged, and motivated.

Schedule virtual fitness classes

One of the most effective ways to stay healthy and active as a remote worker is to schedule virtual fitness classes. Thanks to technological advancements, it has never been easier to schedule and participate in a fitness class virtually with colleagues or friends.

Virtual fitness classes have become increasingly popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, as more people continue to work remotely. From yoga to HIIT to dance classes, there are many virtual fitness classes to choose from. These classes are a great way to stay motivated and accountable when it comes to your fitness goals. They offer a fun opportunity to connect with colleagues and create a sense of community while working remotely. Incorporating regular virtual fitness classes into your routine can improve your overall physical and mental wellbeing, and ultimately boost your productivity as a remote worker.

Take a virtual meditation break

As remote work becomes increasingly prevalent, it’s important for companies to prioritize the well-being of their employees. One way to promote wellness while working from home is by taking a virtual meditation break. Meditation has been shown to have a myriad of benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety, improved focus and decision-making, and enhanced creativity.

Encourage your remote workers to take a few minutes out of their day to participate in a guided meditation session, either through a company-provided platform or an external resource. This can be a great way to promote mindfulness and help employees feel refreshed and recharged for the rest of their workday. Be sure to check in with your team to see how they’re enjoying this wellness initiative and adjust as needed to ensure optimal participation and engagement.

Host a virtual book club

Host a virtual book club as a fun and engaging way to promote wellness among remote workers. Reading can provide an opportunity for relaxation, stress reduction, and can even foster empathy and connection. With the added benefits of virtual connection, hosting a book club is the perfect way to bring colleagues together and promote a shared sense of purpose.

Utilizing video conferencing platforms and collaborative tools, remote teams can choose a book and schedule regular, virtual meetings to discuss themes, characters, and share their thoughts about the book. This activity can also provide employees with a break from work-related tasks and allow them to engage in a shared passion, fostering connections beyond their work responsibilities.

Attend virtual cooking classes

One of the most fun wellness ideas for remote workers is attending virtual cooking classes. Whether you’re looking for healthy meal ideas or want to try new culinary experiences, virtual cooking classes offer a perfect opportunity to gain new cooking skills and socialize with like-minded people. You can choose from a variety of classes depending on your interests and dietary requirements, and engage with experienced chefs online. Not only does this activity provide a chance to develop healthier eating habits, but it also serves as an effective stress-reduction technique.

By learning how to cook new meals, you can improve your overall nutrition and maintain a healthy diet, leading to increased energy levels and better mental health. So, attending virtual cooking classes can be a great way to prioritize your wellness while working remotely.

Set up a virtual game night

As remote work becomes the norm, it is important for companies to find creative ways to promote team bonding and maintain morale. Setting up a virtual game night is a simple and effective way to achieve this. By utilizing online platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype, remote teams can engage in fun and interactive games like trivia, virtual escape rooms, and online board games. This is a cost-effective and easy way to foster a sense of community among employees, while also providing a break from the daily work grind.

Virtual game nights can be scheduled after work hours as a way to encourage work-life balance and promote employee wellness. Encouraging team members to participate in virtual game nights is a great way to boost morale, enhance team collaboration, and encourage social interaction in a remote work environment.

Take a virtual museum tour

As remote work continues to be the norm, it’s important for employers to prioritize the overall wellness of their employees. One fun and educational way to promote wellness is by taking a virtual museum tour. With just a few clicks, employees can access some of the world’s most renowned museums from the comfort of their own workspace.

Museum tours can provide a multitude of benefits for remote workers, including reducing stress levels and stimulating creativity through exposure to new ideas and perspectives. In addition, virtual museum tours are often free or have low admission fees, making it an affordable option for employers to promote wellness among their employees.

Whether it’s exploring a museum’s digital archives or virtually strolling through art galleries, taking a virtual museum tour is a great way to incorporate fun wellness ideas into a remote work environment.

Join a virtual workout challenge

Joining a virtual workout challenge is a great way to encourage employees to stay active and engaged while working remotely. Virtual challenges such as step challenges, squat challenges, or daily yoga challenges can provide a fun and interactive way to promote fitness and encourage teamwork. By allowing employees to track their progress and compete against one another, they can find motivation and accountability in their fitness goals.

Virtual challenges provide opportunities for employees to connect with one another outside of work, potentially fostering better relationships and creating a sense of community within the organization. Encouraging employees to participate in a virtual workout challenge can have numerous benefits for individual health and team morale.

Have a virtual dance party

Remote work has become increasingly common, and with it, the rise of virtual team building activities for remote teams. One such idea that can bring joy and lift a team’s morale is hosting a virtual dance party. This simple and fun idea can be done easily with just a little bit of planning. It’s a great way to get remote workers moving and shaking, while improving our physical and mental well-being.

The benefits of dancing are proven by science and include reducing stress levels and boosting endorphins. Implementing a virtual dance party in your remote team’s wellness initiative can foster team bonding, increase employee engagement, and promote a healthy work-life balance that encourages the whole team to get up and groove together. So, grab your favorite playlist and let’s dance our way to a more connected and healthier remote workplace!

Create a virtual gratitude journal

Creating a virtual gratitude journal is a simple yet powerful wellness activity that can help remote workers boost their mental and emotional wellbeing. With the pandemic and remote working increasing feelings of isolation and stress, mindfulness practices like gratitude journaling can help to shift our focus from negative thoughts to positive ones.

Some easy ways to create a virtual gratitude journal include setting up a shared document on a collaborative platform or using an app designed for gratitude journaling. Regularly making entries in the journal can help remote workers cultivate a positive outlook, enhance their overall mood, and increase their sense of optimism.

Encouraging remote workers to incorporate a gratitude journal into their daily routine can help us stay connected with each other and our own emotions in these unprecedented times.

Take a virtual hike

Taking a virtual hike is one of the many fun wellness ideas remote workers can try to stay active and healthy. With the help of technology, individuals can explore various national parks and trails all over the world without leaving their homes. Virtual hiking platforms provide users with interactive experiences that mimic the sights and sounds of real outdoor environments.

These simulations can enhance a remote workers’ well-being by improving mood, decreasing stress levels, and promoting physical activity. Moreover, taking regular virtual hikes can help increase a person’s sense of connection to nature, even if they are unable to leave their home or office.

Overall, incorporating virtual hikes into a remote worker’s wellness routine can be a fun and effective way to improve their overall health and well-being.


In conclusion, prioritizing wellness activities while working remotely can improve your productivity, mental health, and overall wellbeing. Whether it’s a virtual yoga class, a daily walk, or simply taking breaks throughout the day, incorporating these activities into your routine can make a significant difference. It’s important to take time for yourself and find what works best for you. By implementing fun wellness ideas, remote workers can find a healthy balance between work and personal life, leading to long-term success and happiness.

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