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Google Tips and Tricks

Google has been one of the most useful and popular search engine over the decades. Did you know that there are many Google tips and tricks that can help you to search things more efficiently? In this blog, we covered all the Google tips and tricks that help you search Google like a pro.

If you are often use Google search engine like a software developer, programmer or a coder. Then you should learn all these to help bring your productivity into another level.

Still wonder How To Search Google Like a PRO? Let’s get started with the first Google Search Tips and Tricks!

How To Search Google Like a PRO?

Search Result from Specific Site


Search a Specific Phrase

Image 15

Search Result from Specific Domain Name Extension

Image 1

Search Results from Specific Timeframe

Google Search Results From Specific Timeframe

Get Local Time

Image 17

Sunrise and Sunset

Image 18

Weather Forecast

Image 16

Math Calculation

Image 2

Currency Conversion

Image 3

Unit Conversion

Image 4

Google unit converter allows you to convert the followings.

  • Area (Eg: Square Meter to Square Kilometer)
  • Data transfer rate (Eg: Bit Per Second to Kilobit Per Second)
  • Digital storage (Eg: Byte to Kilobyte)
  • Energy (Eg: Joule to Kilocalorie)
  • Frequency (Eg: Hertz to Kilohertz)
  • Fuel economy (Eg: Kilometer Per Liter to Miles Per Gallon)
  • Length (Eg: Meter to Centimeter)
  • Mass (Eg: Kilogram to Gram)
  • Plane angle (Eg: Degree to Radian)
  • Pressure (Eg: Pascal to Bar)
  • Speed (Eg: Meter Per Second to Kilometer Per Hour)
  • Temperature (Eg: Celsius to Fahrenheit)
  • Time (Eg: Second to Minute)
  • Volume (Eg: Liter to Milliliter)

Scientific Math

Image 5

Tip Calculator

Image 6

Check Stock Price

Image 7

Find My IP Address

Image 8

Set Timer

Image 14

Search Google By Voice

Search By Voice
Search By Voice

Find Specific File Type

Image 9

Calculate Distance Between Two City

Image 10

Planning Vacation or Business Trips

[city] to [city]

Result: Google Flights/Google Maps

Difference Country

Image 11

Same Country Difference City

Image 12

Find Your Android Phone Location

Image 13

Spelling doesn’t really matter, Google will auto correct your spelling

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