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How Many Programming Languages Should I Learn?

Many new programmers struggle with a question like how many programming languages should I learn to become a software developer? With tons of programming languages out there in the market, it’s so important to choose the right programming to for the right job.

You Don’t Need To Learn All Programming Languages

To become a developer, it’s not required to learn all the programming languages. Learning all the programming languages is insane, especially if you are a beginner. It’s more likely to end up being a jack of all trades, master of none. If you are just starting to learn a programming language, I would recommend you either start with Python or JavaScript.

Master One Programming Language

You’ll never become a developer by learning all the programming languages without master any of them. But, you will able to become a developer if you master one of the programming language and know about how to write a programming language. It’s so important to master one programming language for the job you are planning to apply.

Most company doesn’t require applicant to know so much of programming languages, especially if you are a junior developer. If you are planning to apply for the job, it’s highly recommend you to master one programming languages that you are proficient with.

Learning First Programming language

Each programming language has each strength and they are aiming for difference area of software development. It’s important to research various types of programming language before you start your first programming language.

Programming Languages

  • Embedded System – C
  • IOS – Objective C, Swift
  • Android – Java, JavaScript (React Native)
  • Financial systems engineering – Java and C++
  • Build Game – C++ , Unity, Unreal Engine
  • Ecommerce – WordPress, PHP, Java
  • Computer Vision – Python, C++, Java
  • Machine Learning/ Data Science/ Data Analyst– Python, R, SASS, MatLab, Octave
  • Linux – Shell Script
  • Web Development
    • Front End Development
      • HTML, HTML5
      • CSS, CSS3
      • JavaScript
    • Back End Development
      • Python – Django, Flask, Python
      • Ruby On Rails
      • JavaScript – NodeJs
      • Java
      • C#
      • .NET
      • PHP – Laravel, CakePHP, Symphony
    • DataBase
      • SQL
      • MySQL
      • PostgreSQL

You don’t really need to learn all of them. Choose your career path and aim to master at least one of the programming language.

Once you’ve mastered one programming language, learn another programming language isn’t that difficult anymore. This is because you already know the fundamental of programming language, and most programming language are very similar.

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