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How To Find A Safe, Affordable & Reliable Accommodation When Traveling?

There are a ton of hotels/hostels in the world, but finding a good hotel/hostel can be tricky. To find a good accommodation, the most important things is to make sure the hotel/hostel are safe, reliable and inexpensive. So, I going share some tips that how I determine if the accommodation is reliable or not.

Google the accommodations

The more information on publicity, the more reliable they have. Avoid the accommodation If you can’t find any information about the accommodation at all. Don’t forget to see what others say about this accommodation.

Check Reviews

The reviews are playing an important role on searching a good and reliable accommodation, be sure to read the reviews and choose the least complaint one.

Good location

Some hostel are very cheap and they are located inside the city center! You will going to live inside the city. So, you don’t have to walk far away from here to the city. To check the location, you can use the Google street-map to see the street!

Activity on social media

Check their Social Media page (Facebook, Instagram, etc…). The more active on their Facebook page, they mean they are reliable enough to have making enough money to hire some staff for managing Facebook page.

Traveling during the shoulder-season

In shoulder-season, most room are not full and you will have more availability to use the facilities. You don’t want to pay an expensive accommodation and waiting for the bathroom because of too much people right?

Book rooms that offer free cancellation

Booking room that offer free cancellation offer you more flexibility. Sometimes we may see some special offer in the cities but you don’t want to miss that special offer, here’s what flexibility gives you. It offers you flexibility in case of any incident like delay/cancel transportation.

Points Rewards program ( Use Credit Card Reward Points)

When booking the accommodation, be sure to make use of point rewards program as much as possible if it available and doesn’t affect the price when booking it.

Does facilities include your needs?

Does the accommodation includes free WiFi, free breakfast, laundry facilities, good locations, private bathroom, tour booking desk, a pool, 24-hour reception and a kitchen?

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