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How to improve programming speed?

Speeding up your programming speed can be very important as a programmer. When your manager gives you a few programming task to complete, some people can finish it in a few days and some peoples take weeks or even months to complete it. Times goes by so fast, as a developer we need to be more efficient to finish all the tasks before the timeline. Fortunately, there are a few tips in below if you want to improve your programming speed.

Improve Typing Speed


One of the biggest factor to improve your programming speed is your typing speed. To improve your typing speed, you can practice it on Ratatype.

Fully utilize the keyboard shortcut and hotkeys


One of the most important thing when speeding up your programming speed is fully using the keyboard shortcuts and the hot keys of all the necessary coding application. It would be hard to change the habit in the beginning, but when you are starting familiar with all the shortcuts and hot keys, you will find that you almost can do everything without the mouse. When someone else saw you programming, they would think you are a professional programmer because the way you do programming are in another level.

Split task into difference small sections

Puzzle Split

Never ever trying to do everything at once. Split the big task into a few small sections and completing one by one will make things simpler.

Plan it before code it


Unplanned coding can be a mess, it looks starting coding quickly than anyone. But, it will highly increase the chance end up with lots of bugs on your program unless you really know what you are doing. If not, it’s recommend planning it before you code it out.

Use a better code editor

Code Editor

Using a good code editor can help you write code more efficient. Some good code editor has some may meet you needs and saved lots of your time. We recommend take some time research on the code editor on the programming language you’re working on.

Remember the standard library to reduce searching frequency

Remember Stadard Library

Remember the essentials standard library that you use almost daily to reduce keep searching the same things every time you use it.

Setup multiple screen for your programming

Multiple Screen

Using multiple screen can be more efficient, and you don’t need to keep using ALT+TAB. Everything can see directly.

Reusable code

Reusable Code

Whenever you are programming, always keep the reusable code snippet in somewhere that convenient for you. Next time you need it, you need not rewrite the entire code, just reuse the code snippet.

Master the use of search engine

Search Engine

Know to use the right keyword to find the solution on any search engine. Master it, it will help to find anything you want to know in the efficient way.

Optimize your code (Write clean code)

Clean Code

Writing a clean code can be very important when you want to continue your work in the future. Be sure optimize your code each time you complete the task. When next time anyone continues the project, it will avoid confusion and drastically speed up their coding speed.

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