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8 Ways to Reward Remote Teams

Staying motivated when you are working remotely is difficult. By giving your team weekly or monthly rewards, you can help keep morale high and increase productivity. There are many options available, from giving your team days off to paying for Starbucks. The key is to find something that your team enjoys and is relevant to their work. Before deciding on a reward, think ahead and ask your team that they would like to receive. It is best to choose something that everyone can afford and that won’t take too much time out of your day.

While remote employees may be easier to hire and cheaper to tame, they can also be harder to manage, especially when it comes to reward and recognition. So, how do you reward remote teams when you can’t offer generous bonuses, free office space, or catered lunches?

Use Point System

Remote teams often face the problem of getting rewarded for their efforts. Since you cannot directly observe how much time you spend on that task, it becomes challenging to deduct points for that. For example, if your remote team is working on the task and you are not in the office, how can you know that your team has worked enough to meet the target?

A point system is an important tool to reward employees. However, it isn’t easy to implement. Before implementing a reward system, managers should first decide on the number of points to be awarded and how often the points will be compensated.

Give Awards

Awards are important because they recognize employees for a job well done. When an employee is successful, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate with a reward, such as a gift card, company swag, or a pat on the back.

Give Recognition

The reward of positive reinforcement plays a big role in business. Employees want to feel appreciated and recognized for their efforts. Furthermore, recognizing and rewarding your remote team is a great way to keep them motivated.

Reward Teamwork

Rewarding outstanding work is sometimes the hardest part of managing remote employees. While it’s easy to recognize individual accomplishments or mistakes in a remote team, it can be hard to reward the harder-to-capture aspects of teamwork, like collaboration or creativity.

As a remote worker, it’s important to reward your team. When your team works together towards a common goal and achieves it, everyone benefits.

Reward individual efforts

Rewards are important for remote workers, especially in an open-plan office, where it can be difficult to gauge whether someone is working. One way of rewarding individual efforts is to bring food. If each person works from home, then they don’t have to go out for lunch, so the employee can save money.

Give Bonus

Rewarding employees with bonuses is a good way to show appreciation. Bonuses motivate workers to do a good job. Bonuses can also be given to employees who meet certain performance goals. Bonuses can motivate employees to work harder. Bonuses are an appreciated way to show employees you are thankful.

Give a free lunch

Rewarding remote team members with a free lunch is a strategy that is widely used. Sometimes, the person working from home or on a remote team, feels like an outsider, and feels ignored. Either way, they don’t receive the same attention and appreciation as the office based team, and this may eventually lead to low morale. This can also affect productivity. Therefore, companies should find ways to reward remote team members. A good way to reward is with lunch.

Raise Salary

As remote teams continue to grow, it is increasingly important to reward team members that are consistently delivering high quality work. A successful startup will invest in attracting and retaining the best talent, so it’s important that pay is competitive.

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