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How To Save Money on Travel?

Food and Drinks

Eat what local eat.

The best way to save money and know about a country is doing what local do, eat what local eat. That’s what I always learn from the local and saved a ton of money by follow what local do. Most tourist place is expensive, go a little outside the city/tourist attraction. You will find cheap local food there.

Cook yourself

If you want to know about local, this is not really recommend because you will cook the way you already knew and eat something you already tried before. For money saving, cooking by yourself probably save you tons of money on traveling.

Bring bottle for water

Water can be very expensive if you drink a lot likes me. In most of Europe country, their water is clean. You can even drink the tap water directly without boiling it. If you have a few bottles, you could save some money on buying water.

Accommodation Tips


Agoda is one of my favorite accommodation booking place. I have books a ton of the hostel in this website other than Compare to other accommodation booking website, this is more reliable and cheaper than any other else in the market, especially they have their own mobile app for this, I always book a great hostel from here.


Airbnb is fairly good but it can be expensive sometimes, some accommodation have an extra charge on cleaning. You will need to pay an extra, be-careful when booking the room. They are more on private room, an apartment or a whole building. If you need your own space, Airbnb is not a bad choice.


Some countries accommodations are expensive. But with Couchsurfing, you can get free accommodation from local people. But you will need to spend some time on joining their event or party or any discussion. I don’t tried before, but it seems good for many people.


Google Flights

There are many difference kind of flight AirfareSearch Sites on internet. This is the one I always use. It’s easy to use, and I booked a lot of cheap flights on this site too.

Buy things from Supermarket Chains

In almost all the world, a small grocery store is always a little expensive that supermarket. If you’d like to save money, always search for the popular supermarket chain in the country you visited.

Many companies giving out free points for the loyalty program if you are using their credit cards or any related program. Just sign up for it, nothing to lose. It’s an extra benefits!

Money Exchanging Tips

No matter you are exchanging the currency or withdrawing the money from ATM. It’s always recommend going to the actual bank that located inside the bank. Never use ATM that doesn’t locate inside the bank.


Always set your budget and keep track of your expenses whenever it’s possible. When you spent the money, be sure to take note. I always take a photo when I have spent my money on traveling. So, I can keep track where all my money goes.

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