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How To Start a WordPress Blog

I believe you have heard of there are many successful blogger from all over the internet. I know you want to get started of building your own blog.

I’ve been building WordPress site for years including building WordPress site for myself or even for clients. I want to help you out so you can build your own blog too.

Many years back, I didn’t have any ideas of what I’m doing at that time. The only thing is that I know either I could start a blogging website with or setup my own with WordPress.

Although that time I already have my personal blog with But it lack of customizable, I end up using WordPress for more customization.

I’m a self-taught developer, If you asked me do I need to have coding background to use WordPress? I would probably say no, you don’t need to have any coding background for using WordPress. But, if you have coding background, it will helps a lot and you can do almost whatever you want.

To be honest that the WordPress isn’t hard, it’s super easy to get start without technical knowledge.

What is Blog Niche

A blog niche is mostly target a for a specific reason and specific audience that you are target to.

  • General Blog Niche: Car Blog
  • Niched-Down Blog: Mercedes Blog

Choosing Your Blog Niche

When choosing a blog niche, it’s important to choose a specific area that you are very passion and good at.

  • Personal Blog
  • Commercial Blog
  • Food Blog
  • Tutorial Blog

What is Domain?

Domain is a part of address that belong to a website.

To be short, it’s the name or URL of your website.

So, my domain is

Choosing Your Best Domain Name

When choosing a domain name, it’s recommend that you have a list of keywords that related to your blog niche.

If your niche blog is about car that target Malaysian, then your domain name is recommend to have the keywords:


I would suggest to choose .com if possible. If .com doesn’t available, then consider .co or .net.

Since you are targeting Malaysian only, it’s more better to choose either or .my.


What is Hosting?

To make your site live to the internet, it’s required to have a web hosting that host your website. It’s a server that will help you to put your site into live.

Host Locally vs Website Hosting

Host Locally: If you just want to test out WordPress, new plugins or any else. You can host locally to test it out and it’s completely Free with LocalWP.

Website Hosting: Website hosting isn’t Free

WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme is a theme of your website. It gives you the availability of customizing your site. Basically the Free theme is good enough for a beginner. But if you need to have more customization, then I would recommend you to go for paid theme that give you even more control of your site.

WordPress Pages

WordPress Page usually didn’t display any taxonomies categories, tags, post time or date on the post. Generally, it an empty page with header and footer. Sometimes it contain sidebar if your theme included it, most often you can remove it from the theme customizer.

A WordPress Page usually recommend for creating the followings post:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms And Condition

WordPress Posts

A WordPress Post is recommend for writing a blog post. It’s not recommend use page builder when writing a blog post or news.

Page Builder

I know many of you starting a blogging site doesn’t have technical background. Building a site without technical background is no longer difficult things with WordPress. You can use page builder to build your site, it’s more like a drag and drop designing your site.


Elementor is one of the most easiest and popular page builder that you can build your site fast without technical knowledge. It’s highly recommend if you are a completely beginners.


If you are more advance WordPress user, then you can try official page editor Gutenberg. However, Gutenberg isn’t very mature now, you might find some difficulties if you need to build super fancy site. I would recommend you install some addon plugin like Ultimate Addon For Gutenberg.

Join WordPress Group

I’m planning to create a WordPress Group soon, if you are interested let me know!

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