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How to Tell Your Company to Let You Become a Digital Nomad?

If you’re a working professional who’s eager to live a life of travel and adventure, becoming a digital nomad might be the answer to your dreams. However, it might be tough to convince your boss or company to let you embrace this lifestyle. In this guide, we’ll show you how to tell your company to let you become a digital nomad.

Do Your Research

Before you approach your company, make sure you have a clear understanding of the digital nomad lifestyle. Find out how it works, the benefits, and how you can benefit your company while working remotely. Read blogs and articles, connect with digital nomad communities, and look for case studies and success stories that show how this arrangement can work.

Highlight The Benefits

Once you have a good grasp of the digital nomad lifestyle, you’ll need to highlight the benefits to your company. The nomad lifestyle can be an excellent way of improving your work-life balance and productivity, which can ultimately drive the company’s bottom line. Also, being a digital nomad means you can work in different time zones, which means your company can have a 24/7 business operation.

Outline Your Plan

To convince your company to let you become a digital nomad, you must be able to give them a clear plan of how it will work. Discuss logistics such as time zone differences, internet connections, data protection, and your work schedule. Assure your company that you’ll still be available to participate in team meetings, phone calls and video conferences.

Address Any Concerns

Your company may be hesitant about the idea of remote working, particularly if you’re in a strategic or client-facing role. Address any concerns they may have about the feasibility of you operating as a digital nomad. Show how you can still deliver quality work while operating from any location in the world. Create contingency plans for business continuity should any issues arise.

Demonstrate Your Value

Finally, to convince your company, demonstrate that you’re an asset to the team and that you can provide results regardless of your location. Highlight your exemplary performance, work ethic and your adaptability. If you can show that your work output will remain at a high level, while enjoying the benefits of nomad lifestyle, your company is more likely to support your decision.

Negotiate Terms

If your company is open to the idea, negotiate the terms of your nomad lifestyle. Discuss any changes in your compensation, expenses, or benefits. And be clear about the expectations and goals for your work output. Set up a trial period to test your plan and adjust it as necessary.

Be Flexible

As a digital nomad, you’ll need to be flexible and adaptable. You may not be able to work in your preferred time zone or have access to reliable internet at all times. Be prepared to make adjustments and be proactive in solving problems that may arise.

Maintain Good Communication

Good communication is vital when working remotely. Stay in touch with your team and keep them updated on your work progress. Use the technology available to participate in team projects and virtual meetings. Ensure your company is happy with your level of participation and output.

Stay Professional

While living as a digital nomad may seem like a dream lifestyle, remember that you’re still a working professional representing your company. Maintain a high level of professionalism in your work, communication, and behavior. Stay respectful towards your colleagues, clients, and your work commitments.

Build Trust

Being a digital nomad means that you need to build trust with your company. Prove that you’re a responsible and reliable worker by delivering quality work on time, and always being available when needed. Respond to emails and messages promptly, and keep your team informed about your schedule and availability.

Document Your Work Process

Document your work process, your achievements, and your deliverables. Doing this can help remove any doubts about your productivity and work output. Make sure your team and manager have access to this documentation, so that they can track and evaluate your work.

Show That It’s a Win-win Situation

Finally, show that it’s a win-win situation for both you and the company. Explain how becoming a digital nomad can lead to a happier and more fulfilled you, which in turn can increase your productivity and work output. Emphasize that working remotely can also save the company costs on office space and utilities.

Be Open to Compromise

While your company may be willing to let you become a digital nomad, they may have certain requirements for you to meet. Be open to compromise and find a solution that works for both parties. For example, they may require you to be available via a specific form of communication, or for you to have a primary location where you work from.

Plan for Emergencies

When you’re living as a digital nomad, things can go wrong. You may lose your internet connection or face other obstacles that can hinder your work output. Have a plan for emergencies, such as having a backup internet connection, or having someone on standby who can cover for you if needed.

Respect Local Laws and Customs

As a digital nomad, you’ll be living in different locations around the world. Respect local laws and customs, and be aware of any restrictions that may affect your work. For example, certain countries may have restrictions on the use of VPNs or social media, so be mindful of these rules and adjust your work process accordingly.

Show Your Appreciation

If your company lets you become a digital nomad, be sure to show your appreciation. Work hard, stay professional, and deliver results. Show that you’re grateful for the opportunity, and that you’re committed to making it work for both you and the company.

Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Living as a digital nomad means that your work and personal life may merge together. It’s important to maintain a healthy work-life balance to avoid burnout and maintain your productivity. Set boundaries for when you work and when you play. Scheduling time for socializing, exploring, and experiencing the local culture can help increase your happiness and motivation.

Stay Up-to-Date With Your Skills

As a digital nomad, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with your skills and industry trends. Attend online courses and workshops, read blogs and articles, and network with other digital nomads. By keeping your skills sharp, you’ll be able to offer your company the latest trends and techniques, and keep your work output at a high level.

Be Prepared to Evolve

The digital nomad lifestyle is constantly changing, and so are the needs of your company. Be prepared to evolve as both a digital nomad and a worker. Stay agile and adaptable, and be open to learning new skills and technologies. By showing that you’re willing to grow and evolve, you can prove to your company that you’re committed to making this lifestyle work for both of you.

Enjoy the Journey

Living as a digital nomad can be an incredible experience, filled with adventure, excitement, and learning. Embrace the journey, and enjoy the experience of exploring new places, meeting new people, and learning new things. By showing your company that you’re passionate about the lifestyle, you can make them more excited to keep you on board as a digital nomad.


Telling your company to let you become a digital nomad can be a daunting prospect. However, with some preparation, research, and planning, you can convince them of the benefits of your request. Highlight the benefits, outline your plan, address any concerns, and demonstrate your value. With the right approach, you could be living your dream life as a digital nomad.

By following these tips, you can convince your company to let you become a digital nomad. Remember that it may take time and effort to get your company’s approval, so be patient, persistent, and focused on achieving your dream of being a digital nomad.

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