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How to use your time more efficiently?

  1. Sleep well (minimum 7 hours)
    Never think sleeping is wasting your time, be sure to sleep a minimum 7 hours.
  2. Eat Healthy breakfast
    The first hour after your wake up, should do something can fill up your energetic.
  3. Complete most difficult task first in morning
    In early morning, your brain would be in the best status. So, complete the most difficult task in the morning.
  4. Set Goal and direction
    Doing work without direction can be very mess, be sure set the goal and move forward to direction. Always complete the priority task first.
  5. Keep motivated
    Keep yourself always motivated, your passion will bring your a good outcome.
  6. Be sure take a small break
    Don’t overwhelmed yourself, take a small break and give your body and brain a refreshment.
  7. Don’t try to be perfect on everything.
    Time is very important, don’t waste a lot time to make everything effect especially on the small manner. Your time is limited, utilize it well and respect your time.
  8. Don’t let anyone else break your schedule.
    You need to follow your schedule, don’t let anyone destroy your schedule. Let others respect your time.
  9. Stop procrastination, do it now.
    If you don’t do it now, you won’t do it anymore. So, if the task is easy and don’t cost you a lot of time, just do it immediately.

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