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HTML Head Tag


The HTML <head> tag is a part of HTML document that executed by the web browser but doesn’t display directly to the web page. In general, we use the <head> tag to set the browser information like the page title, page icon, add stylesheet or JavaScript, keywords and etc.

HTML Head Element

To use the <head> element, we frequently use the following tags.

  • <title>: To define the title of the web page.
  • <meta>: To define the basic meta information of the website like page description, keywords, author and viewport.
  • <link>: To link with the current or external resources. It’s also a way to include external CSS stylesheet.
  • <style>: To include the inline CSS code for website layout.
  • <script>: To include both inline and external JavaScript to add interactive action and dynamically change the content.
  • <base>: To change the default base web address to specific one on all the links of current page.

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