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Interview with a remote Disney employee: What it’s really like

As remote work continues to become the new normal, more and more companies are embracing the trend, including Disney. We had the opportunity to speak with Sarah, a remote Disney employee who works as a project manager, to learn more about what it’s really like to work for the company from home.

Sarah has been working for Disney for over five years and has been working remotely for the past two years. She initially started working in the office, but found that the commute was taking up a lot of her time and energy. She also found that she was more productive when she worked from home, as she was able to avoid distractions and focus on her work. When the opportunity came up to work remotely, she jumped at the chance.

One of the biggest challenges Sarah faces as a remote employee is staying connected with her team. When you work in an office, it’s easy to pop over to someone’s desk and have a quick chat. But when you work remotely, you have to make a more conscious effort to stay in touch. Sarah makes sure to have regular check-ins with her team and uses video conferencing tools to stay connected.

Another challenge is maintaining a work-life balance. When you work from home, it can be tempting to work longer hours because your office is just a few steps away. Sarah makes sure to set boundaries and stick to a schedule to avoid burnout.

However, there are also many benefits to working remotely for Disney. One of the biggest benefits is the flexibility. Sarah can work from anywhere as long as she has an internet connection. This has allowed her to travel more and spend more time with her family. She also finds that she’s more productive when she works from home, as she can tailor her environment to her needs.

Disney supports its remote employees by providing them with the tools and resources they need to stay connected, such as video conferencing software and project management tools. They also encourage their remote employees to take breaks and prioritize their well-being.

To stay motivated while working remotely, Sarah sets goals and deadlines for herself. She also makes sure to take breaks throughout the day to recharge and avoid burnout. Having a dedicated workspace also helps her stay focused and productive.

For someone who is considering working remotely for Disney, Sarah’s advice would be to make sure they have a dedicated workspace and a reliable internet connection. It’s also important to have good time management skills and the ability to work independently. Finally, they should make sure they’re comfortable with the technology and tools they’ll be using, as they will be essential for staying connected with their team.

In conclusion, working remotely for Disney has its challenges, but it also has many benefits. With the right tools and mindset, remote employees can be just as productive and engaged as their office-based counterparts. If you’re considering working remotely for Disney, take the time to evaluate your needs and make sure you have the skills and resources to succeed.

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