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Making Remote Work Fun: Creative Icebreakers for Remote Teams

Remote work has increasingly become the norm, especially due to advancements in technology that enable people to communicate and collaborate no matter where they are located. However, remote work presents a unique challenge when it comes to establishing a sense of community and fostering team dynamics. Unlike in-office environments, where team building activities are commonplace, remote teams may not necessarily have that opportunity due to geographic barriers, time zone differences, and other logistical challenges.

Fortunately, creative icebreakers can help to mitigate these challenges and establish a sense of community among remote teams. Icebreakers can serve as a platform for remote team members to get to know one another better, exchange ideas, build mutual trust, and foster open and effective communication. They can also help to reduce feelings of isolation, increase morale, and establish a sense of belonging that is necessary for a well-functioning team.

This article provides an overview of some of the best creative icebreakers for remote teams, how to implement them, and what to consider when selecting the best icebreaker for your team.

Why Icebreakers Matter in Remote Work

Icebreakers are important for a number of reasons, particularly in remote work environments. They can help to:

  • Build relationships: Icebreakers provide opportunities for employees to get to know each other, even if they are located in different parts of the world. Team members can share their interests, skills, and work experiences, which can help them find common ground and foster closer relationships. They can also promote empathy and respect, which are important for maintaining a supportive and collaborative work environment.
  • Improve communication: Icebreakers can help to create an atmosphere of open communication, which is essential for remote teams. They can encourage team members to share ideas and opinions freely and to actively listen to others. In addition, icebreakers can help to break down communication barriers that may exist due to cultural differences or language barriers.
  • Boost morale: Working remotely can be isolating and lonely, particularly if team members do not get the social interaction they need. Icebreakers can help to boost morale by providing a sense of connection and inclusiveness. When employees feel less isolated, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated, which can lead to better productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Enhance creativity: Some of the most effective remote team icebreakers involve creativity or problem-solving. Activities that require employees to think outside the box or work collaboratively can promote innovation and help team members build confidence in their abilities.

With these benefits in mind, it’s important to incorporate team-building activities and icebreakers into your remote work routine to ensure your team members feel connected and engaged.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Icebreakers for Your Team

When selecting an icebreaker for your team, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Time and logistics: Select an icebreaker that is appropriate for the amount of time you have available and that is logistically feasible for your team. For example, a virtual scavenger hunt may not work for a team with members in vastly different time zones.
  • Team culture and preferences: Take into account your team’s culture and preferences before implementing an icebreaker activity. A creative and fun activity may be enjoyed by one team, but not so much by another, so it’s important to keep your team’s preferences in mind.
  • Diversity and inclusion: Be mindful of selecting activities that are inclusive of all team members, regardless of their backgrounds or cultural differences.
  • Confidentiality: Make sure to enforce confidentiality for any icebreaker that involves personal information, to ensure that team members who share personal information are not later made to feel uncomfortable.
  • Budget: Some icebreakers may come with a cost, so it is important to consider your budget before committing to an activity.

Best Icebreakers for Remote Teams

With those factors in mind, here are some of the best icebreakers for remote teams:

“Two Truths and a Lie”

This classic icebreaker is a great way to introduce team members to one another. Each participant takes turns sharing two true statements and one lie about themselves. Other team members have to guess which statement is the lie. This activity is a great way for team members to get to know one another and encourage fun competition among colleagues.

“Virtual Scavenger Hunt”

A virtual scavenger hunt is a fun and interactive activity that requires team members to find items around their home or office that meet preset criteria. This can be one of the most entertaining and energy-boosting activities, especially if team members have to take photos of the items they find.

“Show and Tell”

Show and Tell is an effective icebreaker activity that encourages team members to share interesting or unique aspects of their personality or work with the team. Participants can choose an item that represents their personality, passion, or hobby, and share the story behind it. This activity is a great way to build on a team’s sense of individuality and celebrate diversity.

“Guess the Emoji”

This icebreaker involves sharing a series of emojis that represent a famous movie, person or place, and then asking team members to guess what it is. This activity is a great way to test team members’ knowledge and get to know one another’s interests.

“Virtual Speed Networking”

Virtual speed networking is a great way to encourage communication between team members. Pair up each team member with one or two other people and have them take turns introducing themselves and sharing their interests, work experience, and goals, among other things.

“Virtual Trivia Night”

Virtual Trivia Night is a fun and educational activity that encourages team members to work together collaboratively. Host a game using Kahoot or another trivia app and let team members compete against each other.

“What’s in the Bag?”

This activity requires each team member to choose an object and put it in a bag. The bags are then shuffled around and each team member has to try to guess what’s in each bag. It’s a fun way to learn more about your colleagues’ interests and hobbies.

“Team Storytelling”

Team storytelling can be a creative and entertaining activity that helps team members bond with one another. One person begins telling a story with one sentence or phrase, and the story continues around the team until it has been completed.

“Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day”

This activity involves sending each team member a sheet of bubble wrap in the mail, and then having everyone pop the bubbles together while reflecting on what they appreciate about their job or their colleagues. This physical activity can be fun, and can generate positive energy among team members who are physically apart.

“Virtual Happy Hour”

A virtual happy hour is one of the best ways to empower team members to connect with one another over a beverage. Use a video conferencing tool to simulate the environment of a real happy hour – just remember it’s a work-related event, so you need to promote good conduct among participants.


In conclusion, creating a cohesive and inclusive team dynamic is essential for remote work. Creative icebreakers are a powerful way to help your team members feel connected, engaged and included. These activities can be useful for introducing new team members, or team members who are working remotely using technology. Use the above 10 icebreaker ideas to help your team connect, have fun and increase productivity. The successful implementation of these icebreakers will help build morale, establish a sense of belonging, and promote positive communication and collaboration among colleagues, even from remote locations.

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