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8 Resources for Learning More About Entrepreneurship and Starting a Business as a Digital Nomad

If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur and living a location-independent lifestyle, you might be wondering where to start. There are many resources available online that can help you learn more about entrepreneurship and starting a business as a digital nomad. Here are some of the best ones that I have found:

The Nomad MBA

This is a 3-month online program that teaches you the skills and mindset you need to launch and grow your own online business while traveling the world. You will learn from successful entrepreneurs, join a community of like-minded peers, and get access to mentorship and support. The program costs $2,500 and has a selective application process. You can find out more at

The 4-Hour Workweek

This is a classic book by Tim Ferriss that popularized the concept of lifestyle design and inspired many people to pursue their dreams of working remotely and traveling the world. The book covers topics such as how to outsource your work, how to create passive income streams, how to test your business ideas, and how to optimize your productivity and happiness. You can buy the book on Amazon or read the summary at

Indie Hackers

This is a platform where entrepreneurs share their stories, insights, and challenges of building profitable online businesses. You can read interviews with successful founders, join discussions with other entrepreneurs, ask questions and get feedback, and find resources and tools to help you with your business. You can join the platform for free at

The Tropical MBA Podcast

This is a podcast hosted by Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen, who are the founders of Dynamite Circle, a private community for location-independent entrepreneurs. The podcast covers topics such as how to start and scale an online business, how to hire and manage a remote team, how to travel and live abroad, and how to balance work and life. You can listen to the podcast at or subscribe on your favorite podcast app.

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

This book teaches you how to launch and grow a successful business by using a lean and iterative approach, based on customer feedback and experimentation. You can buy the book on Amazon or check out the website at

Startup School by Y Combinator

This is a free online course that teaches you the basics of starting a startup, from idea validation to fundraising. You can watch the videos, read the lectures, and join a community of fellow founders. You can sign up for the course at

Shopify Academy

This is a free online resource that teaches you how to start and grow an online store using Shopify, a popular e-commerce platform. You can watch video tutorials, read guides, and take courses on topics such as product selection, marketing, and customer service. You can access the academy at

The Lean Entrepreneur by Brant Cooper and Patrick Vlaskovits

This book provides practical advice and case studies on how to create and validate new business models, iterate on your minimum viable product, and scale your startup. You can buy the book on Amazon or check out their website at

Final Thoughts

Remember that entrepreneurship and digital nomadism are not easy paths, but they can be very rewarding if you are willing to put in the effort and learn from your mistakes. Good luck on your journey!

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