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RV living made easy: Remote jobs for travelers on the go

Living the RV life is an adventure that many people dream about. The freedom of the open road, the ability to explore new places and the flexibility to change your plans on a whim are all enticing reasons to consider the RV lifestyle. However, like any lifestyle, there are challenges that need to be overcome. One of the biggest challenges for RVers is making a living. Unless you’re retired or independently wealthy, you need to generate income to support your travels. Thankfully, there are more remote job opportunities than ever before that are perfect for travelers on the go. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best remote jobs for RVers.

1) Remote Work for Campgrounds and Parks

One of the most popular jobs for RVers is working at campgrounds and parks. Many campgrounds hire workampers to help with everything from check-ins to cleaning to maintenance. Some parks also need workers to help with tours or park activities. These jobs usually come with a free campsite and may also include additional compensation. If you’re organized, friendly, and have a willingness to learn, a workamping job may be the perfect opportunity for you.

2) Remote Writing and Editing

Do you have a talent for writing or editing? If so, there are many remote job opportunities available. Freelance writing and editing jobs can be done from anywhere with an internet connection. And with the rise of content marketing, there’s a high demand for writers who can create engaging blogs, emails, and social media posts. As an RV traveler, you can find a quiet spot at a campground or coffee shop and put your writing skills to use.

3) Remote Graphic Design

Like writing and editing, remote graphic design jobs are in high demand. If you have skills in graphic design, web design, or user experience (UX), you can find a remote job with a variety of companies or work as a freelancer. Many companies are looking for designers who can create branding, logos, websites, or marketing materials.

4) Remote Teaching and Tutoring

If you have a degree or experience in teaching or tutoring, remote teaching and tutoring jobs are a great option. With the rise of online education, there’s a high demand for teachers who can work remotely. You can teach anything from reading to math, or even offer language lessons. This can be an ideal job for RVers as you can usually set your own schedule and work from anywhere.

5) Remote Customer Service

If you’re good at communicating with people, remote customer service jobs are a great opportunity. Many companies hire remote customer service representatives to answer customer questions or handle complaints. Companies usually provide training, and you can work from anywhere with an internet connection.

6) Remote Sales and Marketing

Remote sales and marketing jobs can be a great fit for RVers with experience in business. Companies may hire remote sales representatives to sell products or services, or you can work as a freelance marketer helping businesses with online advertising, social media, or email marketing.

7) Remote IT and Tech Support

If you have a tech background or are proficient in IT, remote tech support jobs can be a great opportunity. Many companies offer remote IT support for their products or services, and you can also work as a freelancer.


The RV lifestyle can be a dream come true for those who crave adventure and want to see new places. With remote jobs, RVers can have the best of both worlds – making a living while exploring the world. Whether it’s writing, graphic design, sales or teaching, there’s a remote job out there that is perfect for RVers on the go.

The key to finding the right remote job for your RV lifestyle is to identify your skills and interests, and determine the type of job that works best for your schedule and lifestyle. Some jobs may require a set schedule, while others may require you to work odd hours or be on call. It’s important to set realistic expectations for what you can handle, depending on your travel plans and other commitments.

To find remote job opportunities, there are several websites and job boards that cater to remote workers. Popular remote job websites include Jorcus, Indeed, FlexJobs,, and We Work Remotely. These websites list a wide range of remote job openings, from full-time positions to independent contractor jobs. Some websites, like ZipRecruiter, even allow you to search for remote jobs specifically tailored to RVers.

In addition to job websites, networking can be a valuable tool for finding remote jobs. Reaching out to friends or acquaintances in your industry may lead to job opportunities that may not be advertised. Joining Facebook groups or online communities for RVers can also provide valuable resources and connections for finding remote jobs tailored to the RV lifestyle.

Before applying for a remote job, be sure to research the company and the job requirements thoroughly. Read reviews and ask for testimonials from other RVers who have worked for the company. It’s also important to have a reliable internet connection and a quiet workspace, especially if your job requires phone calls or video conferencing.

In conclusion, the RV lifestyle can offer a unique sense of freedom and flexibility, but it’s important to have a source of income to sustain your travels. Remote job opportunities can provide a way for RVers to generate income while exploring new places. With the right skills and mindset, the RV life can be both rewarding and financially feasible thanks to remote work.

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