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Step By Step Process For Hire a Web Designer To Design Your Website

In this blog, we will talk about the step-by-step process for hire the right web designer to design your website. As the Covid-19 happening, more and more businessman are moving their brick-and-mortar business to online. To move their business online, the first and most essential thing is to having a website.

For the first time looking for a web design company, many people didn’t know how to get started. In fact, the process isn’t difficult. Most web design companies have a set of standard processes.

Step 1: Find The Right Web Design Company

First, all you need is to find the web design company. Most of the web design company have some portfolio to showcase the website. You can find and see of which web design company that might help.

Step 2: Demand Negotiation

The web designer will talk with you. You can let the company know what kind of website you want to build, the colors, features, domain and styles and many more in order for them to provide you the most accurate information.

Step 3: Sign a Contract

Once both parties agreed, you can now sign up for a contract to protect both parties and pay the deposit. Most web design company will charge 25% ~ 50% of the total amount.

Most company will count the production date since the day client provides the complete information, company details, product information, videos and images. So, it’s great for the client to prepare the information as soon as possible to avoid dispute and troublesome in the future.

Please note that the customer itself must provide information, pictures and copy in accordance with the production needs, especially if you are rushing to publish your website soon.

Step 4: Website Production

Now it’s the time web designing company doing their job. Now you will need to expect your first company web design coming out at 7-14 days. If you are in a rush, you might need to talk to the company and an additional fee might apply depending on the company.

Step 5: Acceptance and Modification

Now, you will have the first stage of your website looks. Most web design company will include 1~3 times modification for you. Please check properly for anything that required to change and modify before request to change.

In some situation, the client might not satisfy after some change. If you are requesting the change for more than 3 times, the additional charge might apply for further change. As we mentioned, it’s important for you to check their work before you hire them.

Step 6: Confirm and Payment

In most company, once you accept and confirm the design after making a request of changes, you can confirm it by paying the rest payment to push it live.

In 2020 web design today, most of them using WordPress CMS to build the site for you. After the payment, I recommend you to opt-in the maintenance service from the developer in case something wrong on your site and requests for further change on your site to make sure your site are always up and running good.

Here are a list of further maintenance and addon we recommend

  • WordPress Maintenance (To keep your site content up to date)
  • WordPress Speed Optimization (Optimize your shop experiences with speeding up your site)
  • WordPress Security Service (It’s recommend if you are running an online store)

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