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What is Technical debt and why are people taking technical debt?

In our life, we have credit card debt, housing loan debt, student loan debt, medical debt, sleep debts and many more no matter personal, company or a country and the debts it always exists no matter what. People like to excessive use currently owned to get what they want now and pay it for the future.

In technical, we have technical debts too! Technical debts generally happened when the deadline is too close, and only ways to meet the deadline are using the quick/emergency fix. Sometimes, technical debts can be good that you can fix it immediately without harming any users with downtime.

As a software developer, you’re responsible for reducing the debts whenever it possible. There are many different cases, and it doesn’t mean without any debts are good. The debts can be useful and evil it depends how you manage it. It’s just like taking loan debts that depending on how you use it. Taking the debts gives you the power to decide how your future owned used. Every decision you made affect you and organization in the future.

Technical Debt
Technical Debt

Why are people taking technical debt?

When developers/company want to get a thing done fast. Taking debts gave you the power of leverage. It can boost 2x, 3x, 5x or even most faster than that. The bad things are the risks are also increasing at the same time as 2x, 3x, 5x times or even more.

The difference between those debts is just a difference between using cash or credit cards. Good use of the credit card(technical debts) may make your life better or get your life even worst. There are short-term technical debts or long-term technical debts. The debt be clean when new features or lines of code replaced. Always remember, refactor your code whenever you can.

After writing so much about the technical debts, what do you think? In which scenario would you use technical debts and when you shouldn’t? Also, why?

Please share your thought below and make a small discussion of it too!

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