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The Ultimate Guide to Scoring Affordable Accommodation as a Traveling Entrepreneur

As a traveling entrepreneur, one of your main priorities is finding affordable accommodation. Why? Because the cost of accommodation can take up a significant portion of your travel expenses. In fact, it can even surpass the cost of airfare. Therefore, it’s important to find ways of reducing the cost of accommodation and saving money while traveling.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with top tips and strategies for finding affordable accommodation as a traveling entrepreneur.

Plan Ahead and Book Early

One of the best ways of securing affordable accommodation is by planning ahead and making early bookings. This strategy not only ensures that you get the best possible rate, but it also guarantees you a place to stay. Avoid making last-minute bookings, as the prices often rise exponentially.

By planning your trip ahead of time, you’ll have ample time to explore different options, compare prices, and find the best fit for your budget. Moreover, early bookings give you the advantage of being able to book high in-demand accommodations, which are often sold out quickly. Booking early saves you time that can be spent on other important pre-trip planning activities.

Use Travel Booking Sites

Travel booking sites like, Expedia, and Airbnb are popular websites used by travelers to search and book accommodation. They offer an abundance of accommodation options for all budget categories, including budget-friendly options. Booking sites often provide options to filter results based on pricing, location, and amenities, making your search for affordable accommodation easy and concise.

When using booking sites, it’s advisable to check their cancellation policies beforehand to remain flexible throughout the planning process. Moreover, booking sites usually offer promotions or deals that could lead to additional cost savings. Therefore, it’s important to check regularly for discount offers.

Use Hostel Accommodation

Hotel accommodation often comes at a premium, especially when traveling to tourist destinations. However, hostels provide a budget-friendly alternative for accommodation that is as safe and comfortable as hotels. As a traveling entrepreneur on a budget, hostels should become a regular consideration for constant budget accommodation.

Most hostels offer individual and private rooms that provide ample privacy to work and rest. Additionally, most hostels have shared communal spaces like kitchens and living rooms, providing a nurturing environment that encourages interaction with other travelers. Hostels provide opportunities to network with other entrepreneurs, creating a valuable community with shared knowledge and supportive colleagues.

Stay Away From Touristy Areas

When traveling to a tourist destination, the cost of accommodation tends to be higher compared to other regions. To ensure that you enjoy affordable rates, consider staying away from touristy areas. Accommodation outside tourist destinations often offers lower pricing, but still provides the same high-quality service.

Staying away from tourist areas also ensures a quieter environment, enhancing privacy, and allowing you to carry out your business activities in peace. By staying away from the hubbub of tourist activities, you’ll be able to concentrate better and accomplish more.

Utilize Membership Discounts

Membership discounts can yield significant savings in travel and accommodation costs. Corporate Memberships, Club Memberships, Universities or Alumni Associations may give you benefits that include access to exclusive discounts on accommodation. The more memberships you possess, the more opportunities you would have to acquire discounts.

By signing up for memberships liaising with your travel and accommodation preferences, it is possible to secure affordable accommodation options available to members only. Membership discounts could prove to be a powerful weapon in comfortably and affordably moving within the confines of a travel budget.

Consider Housesitting

If you’re looking for free accommodation without spending a dime, then consider housesitting. The premise of housesitting is where you take care of someone else’s property while they’re away, in exchange for a place to stay. The responsibilities often include walking and taking care of their pets, cleaning, and checking on their property when they are away.

Thanks to platforms such as TrustedHousesitters, housesitting is now more convenient and secure for both parties, fostering trust and honesty between the housesitter and house owner. Housesitting is ideal for long-term stays and is a minor inconvenience in exchange for a free and comfortable stay.

Join Travel Reward Programs

Travel reward programs are ideal for earning redeemable points that come in handy during business travels. Travel and hotel chains, for example, have designed reward schemes where customers earn points for booking rooms that are redeemable towards discounts or free stays. Business owners frequently use them to maximize savings on accommodation while accruing benefits like access to exclusive perks like room upgrades, free wifi or complimentary meals.

By joining travel reward programs, you can earn points and redeem them at a future travel date, leading to cost savings through discounts and free stays. Additionally, the more frequently you travel, the more bonus points you earn, leading to more redemption options and benefits.

Negotiate the Price

Negotiating accommodation prices can lead to significant cost savings, especially when there is no high demand for the hotel rooms, often during off-peak seasons. Extending the duration of your stay is one of the most effective ways to negotiate a discount. Moreover, negotiating a rate that works for your budget is possible when you are assertive and persuasive.

When negotiating, ask for additional amenities such as laundry services, airport shuttle, or complimentary meals that may ultimately lead to a satisfactory compromise. Remember, if the hotel is not fully booked, they may be more than happy to offer you a discount rather than leaving the room empty.

Discuss with a Travel Agent

A travel agent is an extension of your team who specializes in providing expert insights and resources you may not have access to. Therefore, a travel agent can help you find affordable accommodation options that correspond to your budget and travel preferences. Not only do they offer recommendations, but they also provide expert advice on travel-related concerns like visa application, travel insurance, and budget planning.

Additionally, a travel agent can secure accommodations without much hassle, ensuring a smooth business trip. They can also help you find deals that are not available on online booking sites and assist you in reserving attractive offers, often leading to cost savings.

Consider Sharing Accommodation

Sharing accommodation is an efficient way of saving on travel expenses, specifically accommodation. Sharing accommodation involves connecting with other travelers and splitting the costs of accommodation. This option works exceptionally well if you are traveling to a city with high accommodation costs, where the costs could be burdensome.

Shared accommodation provides opportunities to create meaningful relationships, allowing you to network with other entrepreneurs and get insights into their business ventures. Moreover, sharing meals or commuting to your scheduled business meetings and outings could lead to cost savings and additional travel benefits.


Finding affordable accommodation as a traveling entrepreneur may be challenging, but you don’t have to compromise your safety and comfort while traveling. By following the tips we’ve outlined in this guide, you can save money while staying in a safe and comfortable place.

By planning ahead and booking early, using travel booking sites, staying away from touristy areas, and utilizing membership discounts, you can mitigate costs and make your business travel optimized for success. Consider joining travel reward programs, negotiating accommodation prices, discussing your accommodation options with a travel agent, house-sitting, and sharing accommodation for additional cost savings.

The key takeaway is that reducing your lodging expenses is possible by being proactive and resourceful. Regardless of your travel style, finding affordable and cost-effective housing is achievable with some thorough research and a bit of smart planning beforehand.

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