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5 Things That Every Digital Nomad Goes Through

A digital nomad is someone who chooses to work remotely or travel for most of their time. They are people who are willing to work from anywhere, be it their home country or another country, as long as they are able to work. This type of lifestyle is also known as the digital nomadic lifestyle, nomadic living or digital nomadism.

Digital nomads are constantly on the move, traveling across the globe to try and make a living from their work. They tend to be (usually) young people looking for a new experience and a place to call home. It can be a tough life, and it takes a lot of dedication and motivation to make it work.

According to our research, digital nomads are people who work remotely, often based on where they want to travel. These people use the internet to collaborate on projects, find work, and to find new adventures.

Let’s face it, being a digital nomad isn’t easy. We have to pack up our lives, leave our families, our friends, our home country, and our jobs, and commit to spending months or even years on the road. Everything that was familiar is suddenly gone. We must learn new languages, new food, new cities, new cultures, new laws, new jobs, new everything. But, what are the things that every digital nomad might go through?

Your friends think you’re playing all day

When you are traveling around from place to place. Your friends think that you’re playing all the day. You didn’t have a job or some source of income that allows you to travel. But, the truth is that you are working almost all the day. But, you can spend your free time to enjoy and travel to new city.

Your parents ask you when you’re will return to home

When you are living in overseas for a few months. Your parents might miss you. They will message you and ask about your next plan. They might also ask about when you are going back to home and want to know your recent status.

You met new friends today, but you need to move to another place for the next day

As a digital nomad, you are constantly on the move. As you keep moving, it’s hard to keep in touch with new friends. In most time, we have met a new friend today, but we have to move to another after a few days later.

Friends are asking where you’ll be next week

When you constantly post your new status on social media, but your post often from different location. For example, you post a photo that you are in Chiang Mai last month, Bangkok last week and now you post a photo that you are in Bali today. It makes your friends often have no clue where you’ll be in next week, to get more insights about the place you travel to.

New friends keep asking the similar questions

When I travel to a new place and met a new friend. I often being ask the same questions or questions that are very similar. They often asked about where you’ve travelled to, how long you’ll stay where and what do you do for a living. It seems like the questions people ask about are almost the same, but we can get to know more people from different country and learn more about their culture.

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