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9 Truth About the Digital Nomad

The word digital nomad conjures up a wonderful image of a person who lives a nomadic lifestyle. This means that this person travels not only for the sake of the journey, but also in the pursuit of a lifestyle that involves a significant amount of working remotely from different places. Since this person does not necessarily have a fixed abode, he or she does not necessarily require a permanent address in any one city.

Digital nomads are a subset of the modern workforce. On the one hand, they are the people who do not own a single piece of real estate and spend a significant amount of time traveling. On the other hand, they do have a permanent address, and do not carry a traditional mobile phone. This makes digital nomads a little different from the rest of us.

The definition of a digital nomad is a person who does not have a regular place of residence and who works at least sometimes from a location that allows them to enjoy life’s activities as freely as possible. They can work from home, or while traveling, or at some point in between.

To put it simply, a digital nomad is someone who habitually works, lives, or travels in a manner that involves digital nomadic work. Commonly, a digital nomad will work from a remote location such as a coffee shop, internet cafe, or hotel. A digital nomad can be an individual who works independently, or as a member of a larger team. Some are people who travel a lot for work, others work online and don’t usually get back to their home country, but others are more like the stereotypical digital nomads who don’t have a permanent home and instead they travel with their laptop and work on coffee shops, hostels, and any other place that they can find.

Today, I can’t imagine a job that doesn’t involve an Internet connection. The ability to work remotely from anywhere is something people crave, and many corporations are jumping on the digital nomad train to attract this kind of talent. Not only is working out of one’s home an attractive option, but it also enables the digital nomad to live a lifestyle that many would dream of. Being able to travel the world and work from anywhere, in a way, is the digital nomad’s dream. However, there are also some downsides of being a digital nomad. You might also want to know about the truth being a digital nomad.

Digital Nomads are not Unemployed

As a digital nomad, it’s hard to tell people that you are working. A common misconception is that digital nomads don’t work, as if they’re some sort of hippy-dippy free-loaders who spend their days lazing around on sunny beaches. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, digital nomads are some of the hard-working people around. Despite being some of the world’s most talented software engineers, artists, designers, and creatives, they’re still forced to work between 1 and 2 days a week, and often make the rest of the week up by freelancing on the side. This means that they’re able to work from anywhere in the world, and often have a flexible income.

Digital Nomads Don’t Work From the Beach

Most digital nomads are not working from the beach, this is because it’s hard to get focus and having a reliable internet connection. While there are also some issue of the sun light reflection from the screen which made working from the beach is harder. Most digital nomads are working from co-working space, coffee shop or in hotel. Even if they want to work at the beach, it might be a place like coffee shop beside or in the beach.

Digital Nomads Might not be a good Career Choice

We’ve all heard that digital nomads are the future of the world. That they are in high demand, and in constant demand. That they are the lifeblood that keeps the technology industry pumping. There is no question that digital nomads have it good, but is it so good that we are losing sight of the fact that it is a career choice, not a lifestyle choice. If you are a person, that is very traditional and wants to follow the traditional career ladder. Then it might not be an excellent choice for you, but if you are people who likes to travel and has more flexibility. It might be a wonderful choice for you.

Digital Nomads Can Get Any Job

The Digital Nomad community is growing! And with the increase in people becoming digital nomads, there is also an increase in jobs they can get. You can use your skills anywhere in the world with a laptop and internet connection. You can even work remotely and work from home.

Unlike traditional corporate system, digital nomad can get any job almost from anywhere. You don’t have to move the country to work for the company. As long as the job can be done through their laptop with an internet connection. Then, everything is wonderful. Most of them get paid from internet too.

Digital Nomads have more Freedom

The benefits of being a digital nomad are many. One of the most important is having a set of lifestyle choices that allows you to travel the world at will. You may have a great job at home, or one that allows you to travel the world for work.

Digital nomads have more freedom than the average person because they do not have to worry about buying a house or furniture, paying for their children’s education or providing for their elderly parents. They are more productive than people living in other countries because national boundaries does not restrict them.

Digital Nomad travel like a Resident more than a Tourist

Most digital nomads travel like a resident more than a tourist. Digital nomads often find a place that is relatively inexpensive and a place that local will rent for. Unlike tourist, they mostly don’t sleep in a luxury place like 5-star hotels or whatever that are very luxuries. They are more likely to eat what local eat, sleep what local sleep and do what local do. Although travel and work is sound like a dream, but the reality is that it is not sustainable if you are consistently travel to an expensive place at with all the luxuries events.

They might do luxury things like once or twice a month for eating good food or enjoying wonderful restaurant as an rewards like what local people do during holiday. However, they don’t do it like every day. Like most of the people, they have to work and make a living. But all they have is flexible time to work without restriction to any place they can work as long as they have their laptop and reliable internet connection.

Frequent travel can be Exhausted

You may think that you’ll never get tired while working online, but it’s a common problem that has been experienced by many digital nomads. It’s called “digital nomad exhaustion”, and it’s real. It isn’t a sign of laziness or a lack of motivation, but it is a symptom of a certain lifestyle.

When you constantly travel from one place to another place within weeks. You may need to constantly planning and pack your backpack for new adventure. It can be exhausted. Many digital nomads avoid this by staying a place for longer period before they move to another location to avoid being exhausted.

Digital Nomads Work Harder than Ever

In the past, digital nomads looked down upon from the wider society. Those who travel the world working from a laptop are seen as being lazy and unproductive and spend most of their time sleeping with notepad and phones. This is because the digital nomads were running with the rich. In the digital nomads’ comfort zone are the rich people working at the office. They have all the benefits of their office jobs, but they are not bothered by the work.

But the truth is digital nomads are working harder than ever, but the type of work they’re doing has changed. Whereas in previous generations, digital nomads were your typical 9-5ers who traveled the world, now the world has changed, and digital nomads are working harder than ever (and they might getting paid less than what they had when working onsite).

Making Money While Traveling can be a Trap

Traveling is a great way to experience the world, but it can also be a dangerous one. Not only can it be hard to stay connected, but you can also make less money than at home, which makes saving money a top priority. If you’re traveling for a significant amount of time and make money, you will probably have to sacrifice a lot to make ends meet. Work, school, and health are all things that will be affected if you’re traveling full time. If you are in this situation, reconsider your travel plans. If you are planning to start digital nomad lifestyle, you might also need to avoid these make money online traps too.

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