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Website optimization challenge

Yesterday, I went to the McDonald to have breakfast as usual. While waiting for my meal at the counter, I opened my website with my phone data. I find that it was slow loading when I opened my site with mobile data.

So… I went back to my home. Open my computer and check for the page speed score! Guess what? I got an average 60/100 page speed score. That’s I got from the result even that already optimized previously with the optimized image, cache, etc…

Did you know that the page speed is quite essential for a web owner?
According to the Amazon report, it lost 1.6 Billion USD in sales when because the site was 1 second delayed. Was it a tremendous amount of money leaking away right? Then, I think it’s time to optimize my website too! So, I began this challenge!

After 6 hours of optimization. Oh yeah! Finally, everything works like a charm! Holy crap, It achieves 91/100 score at google page speed insights! Hooray! However, the optimization not finished yet and I’m doing an early celebration. There is still few improvements haven’t optimized yet especially mobile site. Btw, I’m satisfied with the result right now and will optimize my website again when I free.

After a few days, I did a couple web optimization techniques including using short pixel image optimization, image resizing, cache plugin with WP Fastest Cache, gzip compression, Database optimization with advance database cleaner, CDN with KeyCDN, HTML/CSS/JS file minify, leverage browser caching (set expire caching), remove query strings from static content and more depending on the feedback I received from GTMetrix, Google Page Speed, Website Grader, Webpagetest, and Pingdom. The more you solved the faster the speed of your website. A small note, to optimize the web page speed and security, it’s always good to disable any plugins that you don’t use and enable the plugin only when you need.

Finally, the website achieved all A’s in all the web page speed test. However, the website hasn’t optimized with SEO technique yet. I would start another challenge for SEO when I available in the future.

Why should we optimize the web page speed?

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