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15+ Websites to Improve Programming and Coding Skills [2020]

When talking about improving programming and coding skills one of the most efficient way of improving your programming and coding skills is to practicing it while having fun with it. It’s not all about watching a tutorial video, and reading books. But it’s actually to put your practical in use by applying it in a real world practical situation to solve a challenging problem.

In here, I would like to share with you over 20 websites that you might have fun with it by facing with difference type of challenges and puzzle with all difference type of programming language.

If you want to become a good programmer, it’s important to be a good problem solver that can go through all kinds of challenges and puzzles. With all the websites I will share with you, it’s not only going to help you through preparation for job interviews, learning to program, and even going to apply in a real world practical situation.

Here are the list you should check it out.

  1. HackerEarth
  2. HackerRank
  3. CodeChef
  4. Spoj
  5. Project Euler
  6. Top Coder
  7. Hire Vue Coding Assessment
  8. Coding Bat
  9. Leet Code
  10. Exercism
  11. Code Forces
  12. Code Fights
  13. Code Wars
  14. CodeSignal
  15. ChallengeRocket
  16. CoderByte
  17. CodinGame

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