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What Does a Code Reviewer Do?

You might have heard about code reviewer but never know who are they and what do they do. In this blog, I will share with you what does a code reviewer actually do.

As a programmer or developer, our job is to write the program that works and make sure it runs flawlessly and meets all the requirements and tests before pushing to live. To make sure they write the program in according to best practices, here’s the code reviewer comes in.

The code reviewer must be an expert that is good and experience in programming. It’s recommend having at least 3 to 5 years experience of working in the industries. In most case, they are working as a tech lead or senior programmer in the team.

As a code reviewer, their role is to ensure the quality of the source code, and plans and conducts source code reviews. If they found anything that need to rework, they should provide feedback and recommendation for them to rework.

Code reviews mostly covered of logical errors, consistency, conciseness, adherence to coding standards, code style, and so on. They will provide detailed feedback on common mistakes and suggestions for writing better code.

Code Style

Code reviewers perform a check on the code mess and the use of design patterns to make sure to make sure the code style, code formatting, code readability, code maintainability, project structure and documentation are followed the principles of clean code.


Code Reviewers might also test coverage and test quality to keep the bugs and problematic code before pushing into live production.

Performance Issues

Sometimes, they also fix the code to match the highest standard of performance in code development and make sure it makes use of the best practices. They make sure the code is optimized and clean enough. They are also kept up to date to the latest best practices to reduce deprecated syntax or function being use on the project that affects performance and securities.

After analyzing these things, they will suggest improvements and fix these problems as a best practice.

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