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What is code review and why organization should do code review?

Code review a process of improving code quality that involves more than one developer to inspect the bugs and quality of the source code. This technique has used in any organization for many years. When a developer finished writing a piece of code, it’s always good to have someone more experienced to inspect and provide the feedback to your source code before it released.

Why organization should do code review?

Learn by doing
Code review is kind like learn by doing when you finished your work, and you think everything is perfect right now, anyone who is more experienced could be able to figure out things to improve.   Having a code review in any organization will make your developer going to another level.

Mentoring new developers
When a new developer on board, the code reviewer will help to mentor new developer to ensure it meets the code quality requirement and avoids an unwanted mistake.

Make discussion but not the argument
When you or someone reviews the code, it’s good to ask a question and make discussion and analyzing the best practices for the code. Be sure you take notes and avoid turning the discussion into an argument. Take advantage from the code review since it will benefit both of you and organization.

Code review tools

At here, I’m going to introduce you to some code review tools that help you conduct and manage code reviews.


Most popular code tracking and code review tools

Whenever a developer wrote a new piece of code, it should submit a pull request in GitHub. When the project leads saw it, it may take some time to review the code and changes before it gets approved. It’s one of the most popular methods that been used in almost all organization. Here are the collaboration tools that we use for code tracking and review. You will be able to find the difference on changed easily that the tools highlighted all the new, edited, or deleted source code.

Here is the sample of GITHUB:

Most popular code tracking tools

NOTED: The code reviewer is not only for the senior team member, it can be anyone who is more specialized and professional on some specific knowledge and experience to review it.

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