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What is JavaScript Used For?


When I was a beginner, I always wondering What can I do with JavaScript, what can JavaScript do and what are the uses of JavaScript.

JavaScript is one of the most popular and most useful programming language, especially in web development.

Uses of JavaScript

Front End Development

No doubt, JavaScript first creation back in 1995 by Brendan Eich is mainly used for front end development. The goal is to make the website more interactive. After so many years, it’s still one of the most useful and popular programming language in the world.


JavaScript allows you to create web application like Trello (ToDo App), Google Maps, and many more. Without JavaScript, the web application will be very boring. There are many success web application companies which are Uber, PayPal, Facebook and etc.


You can use JavaScript to create Native Mobile APP that support both Android and iOS devices by using the React Native. With React Native, it can drastically reduce the software development cost for cross platform that support web, Android and iOS all together.


Dinosaur Game

Most of the game you see and find on the browser that builds with HTML5 are built with JavaScript including the Dinosaur game from Chrome Browser. Cool, right?


In the past, we use Python or C++ to build machine learning model. But now, you can create machine learning model with Tensorflow.js.


D3.js is one of the most useful and powerful data visualization tool that will help you to visualize your data.

Why Use JavaScript?

Planning to build some awesome JavaScript projects, you can get some ideas at JavaScript Project Ideas.

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