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Why Digital Nomads Don’t Work From Beaches

Digital nomads use technology to work from anywhere, from the beach to the mountains to the beach. If you’ve been thinking of working from a beach, but always chickened out, this post is for you. In fact, as a digital nomad, I’m going to tell you why I’ll never work from a beach again. Why? We explain.

To understand why digital nomads don’t work from beaches, we first need to understand what digital nomads do in the first place. Most digital nomads take up their professional careers in order to work remotely.

Most digital nomads take advantage of the connectivity technologies that exist in the modern world and opt for working from the comfort of their homes. Digital nomads don’t work from beaches in their homes because they can’t be bothered with the hassle of sitting in a hotel room and sitting in the office.

Every year you might hear more and more stories of digital nomads who work from beaches all around the world. You might also see many of them having a laptop with a juice while working on a beach. While you can’t complain about the amount of sunshine you receive in some destinations, there are several big issues that digital nomads face when they choose to work from beaches.

It’s Difficult To Read Your Laptop Screen

The downside of working from the beach is that the reflection from the sunlight on your screen can be a big distraction and lower your productivity. You might feel difficulty to read the text on your laptop screen.

Increasing of Laptop Temperature

When you work from the beach, usually your laptop temperature might go high. This is because your laptop will absorb the heat from the sun. Even the winds are good and your feel good. But, working under the sun can make your device get very hot and damage your device and battery.

Internet Connection Might Not Stable

When you are working from the beach, you might encounter the internet connection aren’t that fast and stable. Most people don’t use internet on the beach because they goes to the beach for swimming or playing sands and water. The internet router might not cover to those area, even if they covered, the internet signal are usually very low.

Sand Can Be A Distraction

Not only that, when the wind gets stronger and stronger. Sand can get interfere with your keyboard or equipment, making it difficult for you to work. That makes working from the beach is not the best choice.

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