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WordPress Nulled Theme and Plugins [Real Story Must Read]

If you have been using WordPress for many years, you might have heard about nulled theme and plugins before. But if you are a beginner of WordPress, then you must read this until the end and you may be falling into the trap too.

If you still have no idea about what is it, you probably will see it in the future. If you heard of it before, you might have seen some advertising like “TOP100+ WordPress Premium theme and plugins worth $6500 at only $29“.

What is Nulled Theme and Plugins?

A nulled theme and plugins is basically leaked, cracked or hacked by developers or hackers. There are mostly distributed for either for free or at very low cost. You can almost download them for free or buying them at very low cost. The thing is most of them are illegal and they didn’t get authorize by the author to sell the products. So, you can never access the author website for support and updates from the original author. The money might go to the bad guys.

Installing Malware and Ads

Although they are selling you at cheap, you might probably get installing the nulled theme and plugins together with unwanted malware ads and might also get your site into trouble.

If your site has traffic, they install malware and tons of ads to your site. If your site have little traffic, they will use full of your server resources for bitcoin mining and many more.

Snail Speed 1

Heading Lightning Speed To Snail Speed

At first, you might have felt your site get slower and slower. The server usage is high or at max. If you are unlucky, you might get banned by your hosting provider. The site keep getting down and even you realize more and more page redirection URL to gambling, pornography or all the others bad sites.

Google Blacklisted

Woo-hoo! Congratulation! You’ve Got Banned!

You never realize how lucky you are, it feels like getting lottery and your site gets banned and listed on Google blacklist lists. Now, you realize all your years of hard work with SEO fly to the skyrocket and disappear to the planet in a sudden! You can’t believe how it’s so amazing and efficient!

Now, you feel like the $29 is worth like a $6,500. It’s not only works might not only lost your visitors and might also lost your site reputations.

Then, you tried to clean the malware by yourself, and yes, the malware removed. It works! You feel like so proud of yourself as a non-techie and beginner of WordPress User.

Clean Up

Who knows, few hours later….

The malware come back again. Then, you spent a few hours of cleaning it up again.

The next day, it comes back again.

Over and over.

Finally, you use up your last straw with rising the white flag. Now, you hire someone to clean up your site at $XXX and the malware never come back again.

Now, come back to the topic. I know that It’s sound like an impressive deal. Too good to be true, you should not buy from those sites. You should buy directly from the author.

Why You Should Buy Directly From The Author

Future Updates and Support

Once you purchased the plugin or theme, most of them comes with 1 year future updates and support. If something wrong with their product, you can contact them. If there’s nothing wrong, you might still get additional features on future updates too.


Developer hourly rate isn’t cheap, a good developer can worth more than $100 per hour. However, most plugin only cost you about $39 average. They even include 1 year support and future updates for you. It means the product you bought is already well-worth.

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