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How to Make Money on YouTube

YouTube is the biggest video-sharing site on the Internet, with one billion active users per month. That’s a lot, but only for a small percentage of those users who make money from their videos. If you want to make money on YouTube, you need to get a list of subscribers and fans, and you need to be consistent. That means uploading a new video every week or every couple weeks. Yes, you need to create quality content. But you also need to be interesting to your subscribers and fans. You may have an idea of what kind of content you want to make, but sometimes you need to think out of the box.

YouTuber are the new rock stars of the internet. Making money on YouTube is not as hard as it seems. Here are some tips to make money on YouTube. Hope this helps.

How to Make Money on YouTube

Become a YouTube Partner

YouTube Partner is an official way that allows YouTubers to make money online. It’s an official partnership from YouTube that allows you to place ads with Google Adsense on your video to monetise it. All you need is to get yourself eligible with the program and sign it up..

  • 4,000 hours YouTube Views
  • 1,000 subscribers
  • Live in a country where YouTube Partner Program is available.

Advertising Revenue

These highly influential personalities with millions of subscribers are constantly generating new content, and the most successful of them can earn millions of dollars a year from advertising. The recent trend of people gaining popularity on YouTube has led to many people asking for ways to monetize their channel, whether it be through videos promoting products or through sponsorship deals.

Google AdSense

If you’re a YouTube content creator, chances are you’ve heard of Google AdSense. Google AdSense provides you with the ability to monetize your site. In return for letting Google place ads on your site, you receive a portion of the revenue generated from the ads. Google AdSense is a program that makes money for publishers by showing ads on their videos.

For YouTuber to be more successful, more creators need to turn on Adsense. Many new YouTubers are using Adsense on their videos main income source. Some experience YouTubers are able to make more money by doing side business like getting sponsored video, selling their own products or promoting their own business. Some successful YouTubers make a video that goes viral for years and the ads revenue is keep coming in without publishing any new video. While some keep publishing and it became a snowball effect.

Channel Membership

YouTubers turn their subscribers into big fans so they can continue to get frequent views to their videos. This means that when you subscribe to their channels, you are acknowledging their exclusive content. This also means that you are trusting them to deliver the best content they can to you. It is essential that you see YouTubers as your trusted partners and not as shammy salespeople.

Channel Membership is one of the simplest methods to make money on YouTube. It’s also one of the most time-tested. As a YouTuber, you’ve probably been approached by dozens of companies that want to pay you money in exchange for some kind of product or service. Most of them are legit. Some are scams. And some—if you’re lucky—are legitimate ways to make money streaming YouTube videos. The elegant way is to enable channel membership under YouTube Partnership Program.

Note: To enable channel membership, you must have over 1,000 subscribers.

Super Chat and Super Sticker

If you are a YouTuber or you know someone who is, you probably noticed a recent uptick in Super Chat and Super Sticker revenue. These features allow people to pay to increase their chances of being heard during a video, and to have their stickers appear on screen. This is great for both YouTubers and their fans, as it increases the chances of them being heard, and of viewers seeing the relevant stickers.

Super Chat and Super Sticker are two new features added to YouTube in May 2018. These special services allow you to generate ad revenue for your channel while also generating income from a form of crowdfunding. These two services are what you need to start generating income from YouTube.

By attracting their fans to spend money on the site, they are able to make money from a product that other YouTubers also sell: Super Chat. Super Chat and Super Stickers are two products that help YouTubers reduce their advertising costs and increase their revenue.

Note: To monetise with Super Chat and Super Sticker, you must live in a country/region where Super Chat is available

YouTube Premium Revenue

Another good source of Youtuber income is through Premium Revenue. In order for you to start getting revenue from your videos, you need to have a large following. Since the number of people subscribed to your channel depends on your channel views, subscribers, and sales, which depend on your videos, the above three are the most important factors. If you are a top ranked YouTuber, you will also easily be able to monetize your videos.

If your YouTube viewer is a YouTube Premium member, there are no ads will be shown to them. However, you will still get the revenue from the viewer. This program allows your YouTube support to watch your video with no interruption but still able to supporting your content.

Merch Shelf

YouTuber Merch shelf is a service where you can sell your merch on your Youtube channel, and get paid monthly. It is a new type of online store that will make it much easier for you to sell merch from your YouTube channel. You can use the money to buy the kinds of things you want for your channel. Some of the services are: Merch by Amazon, Merch by Etsy, Merch by Shopify, and others. The offer you get from this online store is the same as the one from Amazon: you can buy products and resell them.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online by sharing your content—in this case, through YouTube videos—with other people online. It’s a simple concept: your post video content online, and marketers help you make a little of money each time someone clicks on the link or purchases the product on the site.

The main reason is that they want to share their knowledge with their audience, especially when the topic is popular, and it is not to hard to earn money if you have a lot of subscribers. If you have followed a lot of popular YouTubers you might have seen, they ask you to click on the link on the below of the YouTube. Or they ask you to visit a specific link to get a special offer from them if you like to buy something. If you click on the link, it allows the company to track the traffic source and pay the YouTuber part of the commission of the total sales they made.

Sell Products and Merchandise

If you have used YouTube for years, I know that you might have seen some YouTube they have very fewer subscribers and views on their channel but they were able to survive for doing it full time. This is because they don’t monetise their YouTube channel through ads or sponsorship. They monetise their YouTube through selling products and merchandise from their websites, apps or their shop.

Sell Membership & Subscriptions

Before the YouTube channel membership comes out, YouTuber are selling their YouTube channel membership through Patreon for exclusive content. But now, most of them switch to the Official YouTube Channel Membership.

However, selling exclusive content through the YouTube channel isn’t the only way to make money. YouTubers also sell the others membership and subscription plan to their supporter for accessing their products, websites, contents, blog, tools, apps, books, apps and more.

Work with brands as an Influencer

Some big companies are also looking for YouTube Influencer that can work with their brand as an influencer. Most of the companies will choose those YouTube Influencers that related to their company products and services. If the YouTuber have very decent subscribers, they might be able to make a decent income.

Selling Online Course

If you ever finding tutorials on YouTube, you might found there are many free and good tutorials. This is what usually YouTuber did to make a tease of their online course. To make money, they give you a free tutorial on internet. If you like it and want to learn more from the tutorial, they upsell you for their online course.

Selling Services

There are Lawyers, Doctors, fitness coach, Programmers or any professional worker that publishing their YouTube during their free time by giving free advice to public. If someone needs a specific service or 1-on-1 consultant from them, they offer them as a service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can YouTuber Make?

Youtubers make money from YouTube through ads, and more from ways other than ads. Some successful YouTuber makes over 10 million USD a year while some don’t make money on it. But most YouTuber make a few thousands dollar a month.

How much YouTube Pay for 1 Million view?

It’s completely up to your audience based. Some niche is paid higher, and some are paid lesser, it is all depending on how much the advertiser paid to Google and they split a specific percentage of the commission to you.

For 1 millions views, the pay is range between USD 300 to USD 4, 000.

How many subscribers to get paid by YouTube?

You need to reach at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours video watched in order to eligible to apply YouTube Partner program.

How does YouTube pay for uploading videos?

YouTube doesn’t pay you for uploading videos to them and you also don’t have to pay YouTube to use them. But if you meet the YouTube Partnership Program requirements, you can place ads on your YouTube videos and make some extra cash from it.

Is it hard to make money on YouTube?

It’s quite challenging if you are just start out. As there are too many people start to build their own channel, it the producer is getting more. But there are still a lot new YouTubers get success in the late game.

How to make money on YouTube without AdSense?

While most YouTuber use AdSense as their main income sources from YouTube. But many start to figure out ways to make more money from YouTube by selling their products, services, subscriptions and memberships. Some of them are paid for producing a sponsored video.

Do you need to have YouTube premium to make money?

No, you don’t need to pay YouTube to make money from YouTube. All you need is to meet the YouTube Partnership program and apply it.

How often YouTuber get paid?

YouTube paid their partners every month if they have reached the minimum USD 100 earning threshold.

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