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20+ Tips to Improve Your Programming Skills

In this blog, we are going to about how you can improve your coding skills and what you should do to improve it. If you are looking for tips to improve your programming skills, you come to the right place.

1. Share What You Learn

Share what you had learned recently to your friends or anyone who might be interest to. It is not only helps you to improve your programming skills, it also helps you to build your reputation and trust in others.

2. Talks To People

When you have ideas regarding to your programming project, talk to the people and listen from difference people’s perspective and opinion. This is not to make an argument with anyone, but to listen to what other’s people think about your ideas.

3. Teach People

During the time I was learning to program, teaching people is one of the fastest way to improving programming skills. When someone asking the questions, the question you never thought, and you learned something new. Including myself, I’ve learned so much during teaching people.

4. Be Active in Discussion Forums

No matter you are facing problems or looking for advice, you can always go to the discussion forums to seek for help. If someone need helps, you can do a favor too. It’s not only helping you to improve your programming skills, you could build your reputation together. If you are looking for coding forums to join, here are the list of coding forums you can join.

5. Join Developer Communities and Networks

There are tons of developer communities and networks out there, I recommend take some time joining the developer communities and build your networks. You can search about Facebook group, we chat group, WhatsApp group, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Group and also the all the forums I mentioned just now, especially the Stack Overflow forum. Build connections, see what other developers doing and get to know the latest trends from your networks.

6. Study Group

If you are learning to code in school or together with friends, create a study group with friends and grow together. When working on the similar project, try to share out with your friends? Who knows, they could able to provide you a good improvement feedback and Ideas.

7. Requests Feedback From Others

Don’t be shy if you ask someone to give you feedback on your programming project. Most of them will happy to share you the feedback. You and post it to forums, or asking your friends to review it.

8. Read Someone Else Code

There are a ton of developers to share their code and contributed their open source project to GitHub, you can read anyone codes from there. To see how others write code on the similar project or task, sometimes your code written with hundred lines can be achieved within 20 lines. Who knows, you get inspired by someone when reading code.

9. Peer Code Review

Peer code review is one of the most efficient method to improve your coding skills, it can help you can learn new technologies and techniques. For each time of code review, It’s recommend reviewing for less than 500 lines of code.

10. Contributing to Open Source Project

GitHub is one of the most useful website for you to contribute to the open source project. You can use that tool to find and contribute open source project for bug fixed or whatever you like. If your contribution are eligible, it will be approved from the author.

11. Read Books and Watch Tutorial Videos

This is the most traditional method we have been used for many generations. You can buy a book, of course or even attending to one-on-one training with your consultant to improve your coding skills.

12. Try New Thing

A good programmer should always try new things. You can learn new programming language and framework to understand what is lack of from this programming language and what can be improve later on. Understanding what programming language and framework is best for difference task.

13. Keep Up To Date and Never Stop Learning

Always keep up to date for the latest technologies. A coding solution is best for now doesn’t mean it is the best for future. There are method and technique can be deprecated, it’s always good to follow new best practices and coding convention to keep your code up to date.

14. Keep Practicing It

Practices, practices and Practices. Nothing can be perfect without practicing.

15. Use A Good Code Editor

A great code editor not only can improve your productivity, some code editor might also provide feedback when you write it.

16. Sign Up For Coding Newsletter

There are tons of coding newsletter out there in the market, go and research and sign up for it. Most of them are free, sign up them and get the latest coding technologies tutorial and notice in first hand.

17. Concern About Best Practices and Optimize Your Code

If you want to improve your programming skills, you can’t never skip about the best practices of writing programming. We have a course for JavaScript best practices, if you are interested you can sign it up any time.

18. Look Back at the Code You wrote Before

Time goes by can be fast, look back at the code you’ve written before from few months later to every year might helps you to understand your level after so much struggling and learning.

19. Write Documentation

Writing documentation gives you understanding of what you’ve written and let other programmer know what you are writing. Coding without documentation is considered a best practice, always write documentation whenever it’s needed.

20. Join Coding Competition and Events

Joining coding competition can be a challenge for you, but why not give it a try? You will get immediately know your level between the pros. If joining competition is too stressed for you, try out this list of websites that can help you improve your skills.

Fall in Love with Coding

Last but not least, if you don’t enjoy coding how you can improve your programming skills? So, this is the most important one. I hope these tips can give you ideas of improving your coding skills. If you have any new ideas, please let me know.

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