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Why Code Review Matter?

A good code is one which humans can understand, and not just machines can execute. That is how it can go a long way, maintained and enhanced. It’s important to write code that are up to date with good readability and maintainability.

Code Review is a Process Of Checking Code

With the helps of code review service, you will get help from someone else brains to improve and get feedback of the way you writing your code. Most of the time, they will provide you a detailed code review and suggestions according to best practices, improvements and general feedback on your code. If necessary, some code reviewer might also optimize or rewrite parts of your code and also add comments for functions.

Prevent Problematic Code From Being Deployed to Production

Code review is just like doing a grammar check to your works. It’s just like a double check before deployed to production. It’s will helps to prevent problematic code that cause your website performance, security issues and in worst case down. You don’t want that to happen on you, right?

Helps to Catch Bugs and Spot Design Issue

Not all the time we can guarantee there are no bugs on our programs and even in a giant tech company like Facebook and Google. They are also some bugs and design issue happened with them too. Code review can help to keep them in minimal and identify missed edge case.

Helps New Developer To Become Better Developer

When a new developer just join for the company. Most of them are very fresh to the new company policy and coding standard. In here, we can mentor and helping them through code review to make sure they are writing the code that meet the specification.

You Write Difference When You Know Someone Going To Review Your Code

You might get shy or awkward when other developer point you on a stupid mistake. When doing code review, we are trained to have a habit and awareness of writing good code. You always write code and keep them to avoid stupid mistake as much as possible.

Avoid Technical Debts

Doing code review can also help you reduce the technical debts on your company. The more technical debts you took, the more risks that you have. It’s recommend avoiding technical debts whenever it’s possible. If you have to take the technical debts, please use it wisely. However, as a code reviewer it’s their job to reduce technical debts as much as possible.

I’m also creating an online course and helps you to write better code with JavaScript. Feel free to message me if you’d like to know more or search about it at my website.

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