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Who Needs Code Review?

Code review is the process of checking somebody else codes. The code reviewer must be not the code author of writing it, it must be somebody else. The person of reviewing somebody else codes that we called it as code review.

If you aren’t sure why you should get help from code review, then you might need to check out in what scenario you need. I will list out a few scenarios that you might need code reviewer to help you out.

If you are a developer and you not sure about the code, or need someone with more experience of solving the problems you are facing now. Then you need a code reviewer to help you out.

If you are a complete beginner that wants to get feedback of your code, project and ideas of improving it.

If you get stuck on something but didn’t have ideas, you should consider someone to check it out and tell you what’s going on. It can happen sometimes, everyone have difference brain. Reading someone codes is just like reading someone brains. Sometimes it can be tricky when someone writes messy code, leaving no documentation.

If you need someone work as a mentor or technical consultant of your coding project. The code reviewer is the good one you should look for, to qualify as a code reviewer they must be an expert of the area.

If you are working on a new programming language, you might need code reviewer too. I knew some people have over 10 years’ experience of working in a specific programming language. But the difference programming language might completely use completely difference syntax. The best practices for this programming language might not be the best practice of another programming language.

Code review is a catalyst process of getting yourself into another level. Code review is not limited to of improving the quality of the code. It’s also improving the developers the way they write code, knowledge and experience of doing it.

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